The Warrior, #5

This is the final book in Rebecca Royce’s outstanding urban fantasy series, The Warriors. This book is intense and will take you on an emotional roller coaster. I had to walk away from reading it a couple of times due to it just being too much which is great because that means I was really invested in the characters. Impossible deals are struck and major characters killed as Rachel works on keeping everyone she loves safe. That’s a pretty big responsibility for a teenager. Not all the adults in her life will want her to do well. And, she will have to make some serious life and death decisions that will affect all of mankind. I can’t say how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book and this series. It is so well done and each book has unexpected twists. This one is no different and the ending is almost perfect. I say almost because I really would have wanted to know more about other characters in the book but it was as close to perfect as you can get. If you like urban fantasy, this series has to be a must read. Don’t let the fact that the heroine is a teenager put you off because she is awesome and she’s a teenager.

Rachel knows that they have to kill Dr. Icahn. He’s just pure evil. However, she is totally unaware of the deals she must make to have a chance at this goal. She’s going to be asked to put her life on the line. She knows Chad will try to stop her but are the lives of everyone worth being put into danger because of her?

Book Blurb for Justice

Rachel Clancy is...

Out for blood.

Out for revenge.

Out for JUSTICE.

And justice will not rest until Rachel comes face-to-face with Dr. Icahn. To finish this fight once and for all, she needs the help of her enemies--enemies whose lives she nearly destroyed. But for a future to exist for her friends and family, she must succeed at this final mission to ensure they all have happy endings.

Even though happy endings aren't for everyone.

Especially for Rachel . . .

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 5.00