The Lazarus Machine

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The Lazarus Machine

Tweed & Nightingale Adventures,# 1

The Lazarus Machine is a debut novel from YA author Paul Crilley. Steampunk has definitely made an impression on the YA genre.

The Lazarus Machine is unique from other Steampunk YA’s, because it has the essence of a Sherlock Holmes novel. Sebastian Tweed, the main character, certainly emulates the iconic detective.

After Tweed's father Barnaby gets kidnapped by someone who mysteriously seems like Moriarty (Holmes's arch nemesis and supposedly dead villain). Tweed tries to investigate every lead that could take him to Moriarty in the hopes of finding his father. Unbeknownst to him, Octavia Nightingale is also looking for Moriarty for similar reasons.

I really enjoyed the fact that Tweed really acted like Holmes and the novel really read like a Holmes mystery. This helped bring to life the world and the characters. Tweed certainly chooses logic over emotion. Octavia on the other hand leads more with her emotions. Together they make an interesting dynamic duo and there are some hilarious moments. I was surprised by the twist in events and how the story ended, because I didn't see it coming!

Anyone who enjoys Sherlock Holmes novels and/or YA would enjoy The Lazarus Machine by Paul Crilley.

Book Blurb for The Lazarus Machine

An alternate 1895... a world where Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace perfected the Difference engine. Where steam and tesla-powered computers are everywhere. Where automatons powered by human souls venture out into the sprawling London streets. Where the Ministry, a secretive government agency, seeks to control everything in the name of the Queen.

It is in this claustrophobic, paranoid city that seventeen-year-old Sebastian Tweed and his conman father struggle to eke out a living.

But all is not well...

A murderous, masked gang has moved into London, spreading terror through the criminal ranks as they take over the underworld. as the gang carves up more and more of the city, a single name comes to be uttered in fearful whispers.

Professor Moriarty.

When Tweed’s father is kidnapped by Moriarty, he is forced to team up with information broker Octavia Nightingale to track him down. But he soon realizes that his father’s disappearance is just a tiny piece of a political conspiracy that could destroy the British Empire and plunge the world into a horrific war.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 3.50