The White Horse Trick

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The White Horse Trick

New Policeman Trilogy, Book 3

Because of dramatic global changes in the future, life in Ireland is terrible. The people who are still able to find food must pay most of it to the army as taxes. At the same time Tir na n'Og is having more and more people come through the time slip. Many are soldiers sent on a mission to find food and supplies. Laidan Liddy is in charge of the governing army while Donal Liddy is second in command. When children are kidnapped, including a brother of an army member, people start to worry. Pup's brother is one of the missing children. He must try to find him while going through the time slip, which makes you forget all your worries. JJ, father of Laidan and Donal Liddy, is sent out on the famous White Horse to settle all of this out. They must all find a way to survive and a way to bring the rest of the people through the time slip if they want to survive.

I recommend reading the first two books in this series before reading "The White Horse Trick." I made the mistake of reading this book without having read the first two, and it was hard to understand the plot and characters at the beginning. Once the storyline was established the book was more enjoyable. While this wasn't one of my favorite reads, those who enjoy reading fantasy/science fiction should enjoy this book.

Book Blurb for The White Horse Trick

It is the latter part of the 21st century, and dramatic climate change has made life in Ireland almost impossible. Meanwhile, Tir na n'Og is faced with a refugee problem, and the king of the fairies is not happy about it and when it is revealed that the warlord who is behind the problem is a member of the Liddy family, JJ is sent to sort him out...Following on from "The New Policeman" and "The Last of the High Kings", "The White Horse Trick" travels from the now to far distant futures: from world's end to world's beginning.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 3.25