Silver Phoenix

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Silver Phoenix

Phoenix, #1

Ai Ling is on a mission. After her father leaves to go to the palace, her and her mother are in for a shock. A corrupt man from their village is saying that Ai Ling's father owes him a large debt, but he'll forgive the debt if Ai Ling becomes one of his wives. Ai Ling doesn't want to marry this evil man, and knows that the claim of a debt is false. Ai Ling decides she must go to the palace to find her father. Soon after she leaves home Ai Ling meets Chen Young. They are both traveling to the palace, but for different reasons. Early in their journey they are forced to fight off a demon attack. The two then met up with Chen Young's younger brother. As all of them travel to the palace they must fight demons and dark magic while trying to achieve their goals. Can Ai Ling manage to find her father and get back home safety or will an unexpected conflict destroy everything?

"Silver Phoenix" by Cindy Pon is filled with dark magic, love, demons, and pain. This is definitely not a book to read on an empty stomach. I love reading this book because of the old culture of China. It is a fast-paced read that will leave you unable to set it down.

Book Blurb for Silver Phoenix

Ai Ling can see into other people's minds and reach into their spirits. But she doesn't know why this power has awakened inside her. She only knows that it is growing. It leads her on an epic journey—one that brings her to the edge of the deepest evil.

Chen Yong has a quest of his own, but then his path crosses Ai Ling's. And there's a connection so strong that neither can ignore it.

Now they must face terrifying demons determined to kill them, and battle through treacherous lands. It is their destiny. But can destiny keep them together?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50