Revenge of the Geek

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Revenge of the Geek

Geek High Series

Miranda Bloom has just started her junior year at Geek High with her best friends Finn and Charlie. The only drawback is that her boyfriend Dex is at boarding school in Maine. So she invites a lonely girl Nora to eat lunch with her. At first it seems that Nora is a great new friend, she even has a long-distance boyfriend like Miranda. Nora even makes friends with Finn and Charlie. But after a while Miranda starts to notice some odd things about Nora. Nora changes her likes and dislikes based on who she is talking to, also Nora is copying Miranda's wardrobe choices. Then Nora starts to double-cross Miranda and turn Miranda's friends against her. Nora then takes Miranda's writing spot, after talking Miranda into trying to get it. Miranda gets suspicious, especially when Nora's stories don't add up. What will happen to Nora and Miranda? Will the truth finally come out?

I enjoyed "Revenge of the Geek" just as much as "Summer of the Geek". The Geek High Series by Piper Banks is a lot of fun to read and I can't wait for the next one. Watching Miranda realize that Nora was not all she seemed, and how to deal with it was one of the highlights of the book. This is a definite must read for the all geeks out there. You are not alone!

Book Blurb for Revenge of the Geek

Some people have to learn the hard way-don't mess with a geek.

Miranda Bloom, girl genius, is totally psyched to start her junior year at Geek High. Too bad her boyfriend, lacrosse player Dex McConnell, is off to boarding school in Maine. Miranda thought she could count on her best friends, Finn and Charlie, to cheer her up, but they're caught up in their own issues...

So Miranda decides to make friends with the shy new student Nora Lee. At first things with Nora are great, but soon it seems like Nora thinks that anything Miranda can do, she can do better. Surviving at Geek High is hard enough without a copycat on your tail, and Miranda's not about to let some imitation artist take her place.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.75