Prom and Party Etiquette

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Prom and Party Etiquette

This book is a must-have for up-coming high school students. It talks about how you should act at BBQs to banquets; cellphone etiquette, including when and where not to use them; how to prepare for graduation, including throwing a graduation party while making time for friends' and relatives' parties. It also covers different types of dances, how you should act and dress for them, and who to go with. This book discusses coming-of-age celebrations, who to invite, what to wear, and when a gift is appropriate. Prom and Party Etiquette covers prom, and all the details, such as dining options ranging from pizza at your place beforehand or fancy restaurants with friends, when to make a reservation, who pays, dealing with waiters, and all behavior you need to know.

This book is great for high-school students, parents who wonder what has changed since their prom days, and anyone with party etiquette questions.

Book Blurb for Prom and Party Etiquette

So, you've hit your teen years, and suddenly your social calendar is booked. There's homecoming, sweet sixteens, sports games, prom, graduation, and all the parties in between. You are so excited, but you have a lot of questions, too.

Who asks and who pays for a date?

Can you dance with someone other than the person you came with?

How do you throw a good party?

What should you wear to the prom?!

Relax and let Emily Post, the most trusted name in etiquette, be your guide. Prom and Party Etiquette will help you navigate your social life and be more confident at the parties you attend. Knowing what to do makes it easier to enjoy all your celebrations to the fullest—and having fun is what a party is really about! 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.00