Piece of Mind

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Piece of Mind

Emily the Strange

Emily the Strange is finishing up her school work before summer break. But when she receives a letter stating she'll be able to get the wonderful Black Rock that she uses in almost everything, she knows that she must go to Seaside Town to get it. When Emily arrives with her golem Raven, and her black cats, she discovers that her arch-enemy Attikol is there. Can she help an old friend in trouble when he doesn't even remember her? Who is pulling his memories of Emily out of his head? Could it have anything to do with the Black Rock? In the end, can Emily save her town and the Black Rock or will it all be taken from her?

I LOVE Emily the Strange! You know she must be awesome if she can make a super-cool homeschooling schedule for herself that includes such classes as Basics of Magic and Golem Programming. If you like odd, weird, gothic books, this is a definite must read. Each book leaves me eagerly awaiting the next book and "Emily the Strange Piece of Mind" was no different.

Book Blurb for Piece of Mind

Emily's Strange To-Do List:

1. Lose (and regain) mind

2. Reprogram golem

3. Locate secret book vault

4. Commune with Dead Dark Aunts

5. Rescue Cousin Jakey

6. Redecorate souvenir kiosk

7. Thwart Thought Thief

8. Endure hero worship

9. Grant ancestral enemy's deepest wish

10. Save cat-napped kitty

11. Summon black rock

12. Defeat Shady Uncles

13. Guard family legacy & claim inheritance!

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.50