Chosen at Nightfall

Shadow Falls, #5

I have read the Shadow Falls books ever since they debuted. While on the surface, they may seem like so many young adult books on the shelves, they aren’t. I have watched Kylie and the people around her mature and grow as people. They don’t continually make the same mistakes over and over again, gaining no ground, stumbling through the pages and making this reader miserable. All of the Shadow Falls books have been lovely however; Chosen at Nightfall in particular was a joy to read. Kylie spends the book really coming into her own as a member of the paranormal community and as a young adult. She comes to trust in herself and her instincts and acts on those instincts. While I am sad to see the series end, I applaud Ms. Hunter’s resolution to this series. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending for these characters that I have loved.

Book Blurb for Chosen at Nightfall

Don’t miss this magnificent final chapter in the breathtaking Shadow Falls series!  Kylie’s epic journey is about to lead her exactly where she belongs…

When Kylie Galen entered Shadow Falls Camp, she left her old life behind forever and discovered a world more magical than she ever imagined. A place where you’re two best friends can be a witch and a vampire…and where love doesn’t happen the way you’d expect.

When Kylie’s most powerful enemy returns to destroy her once and for all, there’s only one way to stop him—to step into her full powers and make a stunning transformation that will amaze everyone around her.  But her journey won’t be complete until she makes one final choice…which guy to love.  Should she choose to the werewolf who broke her heart but will give anything to win her back, or the half-fae who ran from their attraction before they had a chance?  Everything she’s learned at Shadow Falls has been preparing her for this moment—when her fate will be revealed and her heart claimed forever.

From author C. C. Hunter comes Chosen at Nightfall, the final book in the New York Times bestselling Shadow Falls series.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.50