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The Hero Agenda, #1

Powerless is a fast-paced, fun, and interesting read! This YA novel engages the idea of the supernatural by exploring a world of heroes and villains through the eyes of the powerless Kenna. Kenna, the daughter of an incredible scientist who works for superheroes, works in the lab with her mother and dreams of a day when she is no longer powerless.

This novel is written in first-person, present tense. I usually don’t like stories in this tense, and prefer past, third-person. But overall, I actually didn’t mind it in this novel. Kenna’s perspective dominates and we are taken on the whirlwind she goes through on this adventure. The plot is quick-paced, with one event after another. There is a unique cast of supporting characters, including a love interest for Kenna. The love story between Draven and Kenna moves swiftly, and he is a very interesting character with a surprising backstory! I really liked the sub-characters and the plot of the story.

The plot takes some interesting and unexpected turns. My main issue was the end of this book. This was obviously the start of a series, and unfortunately that meant that I left the book feeling like many of the issues remained unresolved. The end felt abrupt and left readers with an unexpected cliff-hanger. While I really liked the twist with the cliff-hanger, I was disappointed that there were so many other aspects which were unanswered, leaving me unsatisfied with the ending. I feel that I still would have looked forward to the rest of the series if a few more questions were answered at the end of this book. All the same, I’m definitely looking forward to the sequel!

Kenna is tired of feeling powerless. Surrounded by superheroes, this is a fact that is hard for her to forget. Kenna wants to change that and to do so she’s been conducting her own experiments in her mother’s lab in the superhero headquarters. But one night, villains break into the lab and Kenna finds her world turned upside down. The encounter with the villains leaves Kenna shaken and soon she is no longer sure who the “good” guys and the “bad” guys really are. It doesn’t help that one of the “bad” guys is a hot and charming villain who may have tried to protect her. As she works to uncover the truth, she finds herself on a whirlwind adventure with friends and supposed foes. It’s not long before Kenna is questioning everything she thought to be true. Not only about good versus evil, but about herself as well. As things begin to unravel, Kenna realizes that to protect those she loves she’s going to have to trust those she’s supposed to hate!

Book Blurb for Powerless

Kenna is tired of being "normal."

The only thing special about her is that she isn't special at all. Which is frustrating when you're constantly surrounded by superheroes. Her best friend, her ex-boyfriend, practically everyone she knows has some talent or power. Sure, Kenna's smart and independent, but as an ordinary girl in an extraordinary world, it's hard not to feel inferior.

So when three villains break into the lab where she interns, Kenna refuses to be a victim. She's not about to let criminals steal the research that will make her extraordinary too.

But in the heat of battle, secrets are spilled and one of the villains saves her life. Twice. Suddenly, everything Kenna thought she knew about good and evil, heroes and villains is upended. And to protect her life and those she loves, she must team up with her sworn enemies on a mission that will redefine what it means to be powerful and powerless...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.50