The Game Begins: An Introduction

R. Caine High School Book 1

Author Victoria Danann is at it again! This enchanting book is the beginning of a tale about the Gods of Old, their devious games, and the innocent children who are caught up in their shenanigans. It’s the brilliant start to her new Young Adult series. The story just flows easily along, taking the reader on a tale both fantastical, and sometimes mundane. Keep in mind this is only the beginning. I loved each of the characters for their individual quirks, many of which we are just now learning. And to be totally honest, this tale brought back memories of that most dreaded time of a child’s life….high school. I am eagerly anticipating the next book in this series!

High school. Even the words send shivers of both dread and anticipation through the heart of a teenager. So when Ever learns that she is changing schools, from the one she knew to some weird place called R. Caine High School, she’s less than thrilled. Ever quickly makes friends with a few students, each with their own unique quirks. When strange things begin happening around Ever, she realizes that there’s more to this place than meets the eye. Little do they know, that all of the kids in school are pawns of the Old Gods, and each one has their own part to play in this game. Ever is special…..but she’s also in danger. Can she figure out the rules of the game before it’s too late?

Book Blurb for The Game Begins: An Introduction

New York Times bestselling author, Victoria Danann, dishes up a stunning new young adult series like nothing else.

When it came to the attention of the old ones that their creations, the Earth gods, had been playing games at the expense of humankind for millennia, they put a stop to it. But the rebellious gods were far too addicted to their games to give them up. After several summit meetings, they voted to use their own children as players and locate the playing field in the most treacherous environment in the known universe... high school.

To make it even more interesting, they would strip their children of their memories and withhold the rules of the game.

Like the other players, sixteen year old Ever thinks she's an ordinary kid until she transfers to R. Caine. After a series of close calls, she realizes she needs to figure out the mysteries behind her burgeoning powers fast; what they are, how to use them. 

Because yes, she's special. But that doesn't mean she can't die.


Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 4.50