Goddess Revenge

Goddess Series, #4

The story of Goddess Revenge is the fourth novel in the Goddess series by author M.W. Muse. The story is a bit more serious than the previous books, but all of the characters are back, Legacy of course is better and stronger than ever, as well as River and Adin and the rest. The story picks right up where the previous one left off, in Legacy’s senior year, with her ascension rapidly approaching and two men eagerly vying for her affections. I found this novel as addicting as the rest, and am eagerly anticipating the rest of the series, as I’m positive other readers are as well.

What on earth is Legacy going to do? Now she knows that River orchestrated the whole Venus-Adin debacle, Legacy has no idea what to do about that. She wants to trust River; after all, the prophecy states she’s linked to him! But after a betrayal like that, how can she trust him? So what’s a goddess in training to do? Make him pay. So a crazy plan is put in place to do just that. And when this plan goes go wildly out of control that it cannot be stopped, the price will be so steep that no one, not even Legacy, will be prepared to pay it. Is revenge worth it?

Book Blurb for Goddess Revenge

Hell hath no fury like a goddess scorned... at least that's the way Legacy sees it. Her dreams collide into a message she did not want to acknowledge, but the implication ignites within her hotter than the knowledge of the betrayal itself. The only thing to do to cure getting mad? Getting even. And oh boy, she is going to get even!

Legacy dives into a betrayal of her own making as she teaches her lesson. But can she deliver her punishment without loosing her true self in the process, or will the bitter feeling of keeping her enemy close backfire and propel her down a road she never dreamed she'd travel?

One thing's for certain--revenge doesn't come without a price.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.50