The Beginning of Kallos - Kallos Prequel

Acidalia is very short beginning to the story of Kallos. It is also a very sad story, and one that, even in the brief time that I was reading it, had this reviewer tearing up. The story introduces the two Hunter boys who we will get to know better in the next book, Kallos, and introduces us to Acidalia, the girl who was to inherit the mantle of Aphrodite before Kallos. The characters are wholly relatable and likeable, even in a novella of this length. I found this to be a perfect introduction to the story that follows and I definitely enjoyed it, as I’m sure other readers will as well.

Acidalia knows things will not end well. She’s already seen it. Now all that’s left is to say goodbye to Sean and Ian Hunter. But how can she say goodbye to the two guys who hold her heart? Yet she knows that she has to, and her time is beyond short. So with a heavy heart and pain roaring through her body, Acidalia sets her mind to the most difficult task she’s ever had to face.

Book Blurb for Acidalia

Acidalia has almost everything, but she knows that he is going to die. Now she must say good bye to the two boys in her life. Sean and Ian Hunter, she just hopes that they will be there for each other when she’s gone.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50