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Zombie Apocalypse Series, #1

Perhaps because it's starting to feel like the zombie craze is on its way out...this feels like a last quick grasp onto the fad.

Don't get me wrong, spinning the idea that zombies are kind of this background supporting character instead of the main attraction was pretty cool, like Eskimos waking up and accepting that they might run into a polar bear today or Amazonians realizing a snake might bite them on their way to the river. I like that Courtney gets up, goes to school, oh look a zombie, time for dinner. Zombie get the heck out of here, sleep.

However, the idea of smarter and faster zombies isn't a new one- it's one that's been explored in a bunch of other mediums. I love zombies, but I could have done without the usual ramblings of teenagedom.

Book Blurb for Zomburbia

My name is Courtney Hart, and I'm here to tell you about things that suck. Being born in a podunk town like Salem, Oregon, for one. Living in a world infested with zombies? That, too. And the meat heads I go to school with? I think I'd actually take the undead over them most days. But I have a plan to get out of here and move to New York. I just have to keep selling Vitamin Z along with your fries at The Bully Burger. The secret ingredient? Zombie brains. I've noticed things are getting even worse lately, if that's even possible. The zombies seem to be getting smarter and faster. If I can avoid being arrested, eaten by shufflers, or catching the eye of some stupid boy, I should be able to make it through finals week still breathing...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 3.00