Divine Confidential

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Divine Confidential

The Divine Series #2

Divine Matthews-Hardison has survived living with her overprotective Aunt Phoebe & Uncle Reed.  Now a sophomore, she feels she deserves more freedom than she is getting from them.  Use to getting her own way, she is chomping at the bit when, because of something her cousin Chance did,  her own freedom shrinks even more.  To make matters worse, her boo breaks up with her because of them not getting to spend time together.  She then starts to spend more time online chatting with friends.  Meeting 16 year old Sean seems to be such a good thing.  Unfortunately, she is about to learn a valuable lesson about things not always being what they seem.

Divine Confidential is the second book by Jacqueline Thomas in a faith based YA series.  The story is enthralling.  The writing is better put together than the last book, Simply Divine.  Unfortunately, for me at least, some of the sentences do not seem to make sense.  Even with that, I can totally see my teenager enjoying the book and series for herself.

Book Blurb for Divine Confidential

Divine is used to getting what she wants.... Thanks to her loving Aunt Phoebe and Uncle Reed, Divine Matthews-Hardison has a place to call home after the Hollywood life she was accustomed to fell apart at the seams. Getting away from the spotlight that nearly destroyed her own parents, Divine has changed for the better -- though there's still enough diva in Divine to keep life in Temple, Georgia, very lively, from mall shopping with her cousin Alyssa and her fashion-challenged aunt, to worshipping at her uncle's church, to dating. But what if it's too much too soon? Divine has boys on the brain and she's itching for a social life -- at least as much as is allowed under Uncle Reed's watchful eyes. She knows she's too young for the kind of secretive drama her cousin Chance is going through with his girlfriend, but still....

Turning to the internet, Divine gets a major crush on sixteen-year-old Sean, who sounds and looks like the perfect guy. But she is about to learn a difficult -- and potentially dangerous -- lesson: Things are not always what they appear to be...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 3.50