Summer Romance

Harbor Moon, #1

Deanna Langsford is an ordinary 16 year old who isn’t looking forward to spending another boring summer with her parents. While she’s been to the two hundred twenty-one acre Leech Lake so many times before, she knows the area well. But this time while vacationing at the lake, there seems to be an influx of bear and wolf sightings that are making the vacation goers a bit more cautious than normal. Even the park rangers just don’t know why there’s such an influx all of a sudden. There’s no need to worry though, because she makes a new friend there named Eric Matthews and he seems to want to protect her from everything that might be dangerous. Lucky for her, this summer seems to be starting off differently than the others.

She loves the fact that he’s so handsome and so into her. But how would he feel if she were to tell him about her crazy dreams that she has every night? Would he still be so into her then? She’ll do anything to not ruin their new friendship, but it just seems that things aren’t what they may seem between them. Eric knows things that she doesn’t and he’s dreading telling her because he really likes her and is afraid that he’ll ruin what they just started together.

Does Eric tell her the things she needs to know? Would it explain why she’s having these really strange dreams nightly? Can a relationship work between these two?

Ms. Mitchell did a wonderful job with this new Young Adult Paranormal Romance. The characters were fun to get to know and the storyline was very creative. It’s hard not to get engrossed into this story and you lose track of time while you’re reading it. As an adult I really enjoyed this story and I know teenagers will too. This is definitely a new series to keep your eye on and I eagerly look forward to the next book, The Hunter’s Dawn.

Book Blurb for Summer Romance

Ordinary 16 year old Deanna Lansford was prepared for another boring summer with her parents on Leech Lake, but things soon changed when she met Eric Matthews.

Her life revolved around reading paranormal romances, but never did she dream of actually meeting a wolf shape shifter, and not to mention one so hot.

Deann knows she must keep Eric's secret from her parents, but she soon discovers a secret of her own that may cost Eric his life.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00