Storm Swept

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Storm Swept

Jenny Jefferson didn’t plan on helping her pregnant sister and brother-in-law out by finishing all the last minute preparations in order for them to open their new B&B in Shreveport. But Hurricane Farrah stormed through and in turn, Andy, her brother-in-law of four years, has been called-up to Houma, Louisiana with the rest of his National Guard unit to help the victims get their lives back in order. Her sister, Lucy, being eight months pregnant, needs help finishing off the remaining things for the B&B to open on time. Jenny has no problem helping her sister out a few days earlier than planned. You see, Jenny was offered a cooking spot in the B&B for the summer to give her experience before she starts taking formal cooking classes back home in Dallas in the fall. When Jenny arrives she loves what Andy & Lucy have done to the mansion and can’t wait to start cooking for the guests that will be arriving in only a few short days.

After only a short time talking and catching up with Lucy, the door bell rings. Jenny answers it and sees this strange guy standing there. Once they introduce themselves to each other she finds out that it’s none other than Jase Edwards, Andy’s younger brother. He looks so different from the last time she saw him which was four years ago at Lucy & Andy’s wedding. Unfortunately, they have a bad history together. Jenny and Jase had an angry encounter together at the wedding and they left off on bad terms. Now, Jase informs her that Andy has called upon him to assist in the last minute prepping to get the B&B finished for grand opening day. This isn’t going to be an easy thing for Jenny and Jase to deal with. Or so they think anyway.  
Do Jenny and Jase put aside their differences long enough so they can finish the last minute projects that must get done before the first guests arrive in a few days? What is the uneasy feeling that Jenny, Jase and Lucy feel while in the mansion? Can they explain all the strange occurrences that are going on around them? Are they able to get the B&B opened on time and do they finally find the answers they are looking for about the strange occurrences they are experiencing?
I found this YA paranormal novel to be a winner in my book. It was exciting to read this story and be transported into it as if I was another character seeing it unfold before me. I felt bad that everything had been placed on Jenny & Jase’s shoulders to get the remaining big projects done in only a few short days before the first guests arrived for grand opening. I enjoyed getting to know Jenny and Jase more thoroughly and even hoped that they would act upon the new attraction they had for each other. I knew that Jenny’s mom was going to have a coronary once she found out that the boy Jenny liked was Jase. If you’re looking for a story for the young adults in your life or even if you’re a young adult fiction reader like myself, you will thoroughly enjoy this book as much as I have. I’m definitely keeping my eye on this author because I know she’ll be going places!

Book Blurb for Storm Swept

When Jenny Jefferson agrees to help her sister open a B&B, she doesn't know that Jase Edwards will be working there, too. Jenny and Jase have history--an angry encounter at her sister's wedding four years ago. This time around their chemistry is as intense and supercharged as the lightning snaking down from the storm clouds overhead. Not even a mischievous house ghost can distract them from each other. But something far more sinister lurks in the shadows, and its eye is on Jenny. Can she and Jase unravel the mystery of the house's tragic past before history repeats itself?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.00