The Dating Tutor: Sasha’s Story

Ellie is just another common student who attends Nobel High. There isn’t anything about her that makes her stand out and be part of the popular group in school. So when one of the most popular boys asks her out, Ellie is happy, but shocked that Jake Phillips even noticed her. She’s had no dating experience prior to this, so she asks her best friend and popular jock at school, Alec, to help be her dating tutor. As he “teaches” her what to do and not to do on a date, things start becoming really complicated between them. Their mock feelings and actions they’re using with each other is starting to cross a line they’re not certain about. Who does Ellie finally hook up with in the end? What secret does Jake have that could cause him a whole lot of grief in school?

I found this to be an enjoyable story and I could easily relate to all the mixed emotions both Ellie and Alec were feeling. Right from the start, I wanted Ellie and Alec together, but once Jake entered the picture, I wasn’t certain how things were ultimately going to turn out for everyone. I have to be honest and say that I didn’t see Jake’s secret coming, so when it was said, I was a bit surprised by it. If you’d like to see who Ellie ends up with or what Jake’s mystery secret is, you can find out by picking up a copy of this YA story.

Book Blurb for The Dating Tutor: Sasha’s Story

Sasha is perfectly content with her single status. That is until Matt Wendell walks into her life. He’s the best friend of her cousin, Alec, and the last guy she should get involved with. She’s learned that hearts are too easily broken, and Matt is known for his lack of commitment.

Alec introduces the two under the strict instructions that Matt is to learn how to become friends with a woman. This task proves difficult, as Matt turns out to be charming, interesting, and everything Sasha could ever want in a boyfriend. Alec’s instructions get harder with each passing day, yet Sasha isn’t blind to Matt’s past.

Is she willing to give her heart over to a self-proclaimed player? Can this non-committal hockey stud change his ways? Or will he end up breaking her heart?

14+ for sexuality and adult situations

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.00