Wrestling with Tom Sawyer

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Wrestling with Tom Sawyer

The Enchanted Attic Series

I really liked Wrestling with Tom Sawyer. Not only did the kids get to meet Tom Sawyer, but they also used magic to bring him to the present. I thought that it was funny how stuff had changed. Tom did not know a lot of the inventions and Ophelia tries to teach him. I loved that the author introduced new vocabulary and said its meaning afterwards in parentheses. The author also had the main story teller talk to the audience and explain the plot as the book progressed. This book was rich in history and adventure. I would love to be able to meet great characters from past books.

I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own.

Book Blurb for Wrestling with Tom Sawyer

There's no one under the sun like Tom Sawyer! Preparations are underway for the monthly party, 'Bare Feet and a Straw Hat Never Hurt anybody, an evening with Mark Twain.' The gang agrees that Tom Sawyer should be brought into the Real World. He'd be a refreshing change after Captain Ahab and Lady D' Winter---much easier to handle. However, upon arrival, Tom immediately picks a fight with Walter, falls in love with Ophelia, and continuously attempts to one-up Linus. When Ophelia is kidnapped, Tom is determined to save her, just like he did with Becky Thatcher. But the clock is ticking... Praise for the series: 'A fantasy steeped in classic literature...narrator Bartholomew Inkster brings Lemony Snicket--like irony to frame the story....References to literature throughout the narrative make this a feast for middle-grade book lovers. Kids who like quirky adventure stories with idiosyncratic characters will enjoy a simpler kind of fun.' -- Publishers Weekly Praise for Saving Moby Dick ...Generously infused with animating elements of mystery, romance and comedy---plus a particularly lively and diverse supporting cast of grown-ups. -Kirkus

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 5.00