The Satellite Trilogy, Part I

This book was amazing. Not only was the storyline thought provoking and full of adventure. It was simply something new and beautiful.

This review contains NO SPOILERS.

Grant Bradley is dead, and he is very slowing realizing that there is nothing that he can do about it. Despite his reluctance, Grant has been chosen to become a Satellite. His job is to watch over tragedies, which are people who have experienced a tragedy and need help getting back on track with their life. Grant struggles to let go of his human life as he starts to begin his new life as a Satellite.

I want to talk about Grant. He surprised me. His character was stubborn, rebellious and full of passion. He proved that he would move heaven and earth for the things that were the most important to him. He also had a humbling side which made me love him more. There were moments when I had to set the book down just to ask Grant what he was doing. (You know it has to be a great book when you start to talk to the characters)

This is the first book in the Satellite trilogy, and I am completely in love with this series so far. It is a new take on the life of a guardian angel. The characters all had a flair of their own, so none of them faded into the background. The dynamics and chemistry between the characters was beautifully done. The author did an excellent job describing the world and making it tangible. I having nothing but great things to say about the story. I think my favorite part is that it is a new story, not the same old vampire/werewolf/end of the world story. I definitely recommend this book to everyone that loves the Young Adult and New Adult genres.

Book Blurb for Satellite

2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award quarterfinalist!

Grant Bradley has just one little thing standing in the way of his happiness: Death.

Grant just learned he was never meant to survive cancer or live happily ever after with his fiancée, Tate; he was destined to be a Satellite before he was born. Needless to say, being a glorified guardian angel for someone he doesn't even know is as unnerving as the Utopian surroundings of Progression. To make matters worse, Grant's mentor, Willow, has as many hokey comments as she has tattoos and an annoying habit of withholding pertinent information.

Grant, wanting nothing more than to be with Tate, refuses to believe this is his destiny. So when the word spreads about how quickly he is excelling, Grant chalks it up to Willow's merciless training. She tries to kill him, after all—or whatever the equivalent of death after death is. Grant can't deny that, physically, he seems to be advancing much faster than his peers, but the secrets he's keeping prove otherwise. One secret in particular, the most dangerous, must stay hidden at all costs; if anyone discovers he's found a way back to Tate, his chances of protecting her will be destroyed. Maintaining this connection will cost Grant more than he could ever imagine.

Written with a style that appeals to young men and women alike, Satellite: The Satellite Trilogy, Part I has the broad likability that will reach any fans of the sci-fi, fantasy genre's recent outings. With an exciting new fantasy world that the 2012 ABNA calls "captivating," this novel also delivers what the ABNA describes as "an epic love story." Inspired by the idea that everything happens for a reason and that even the most tragic of deaths can be instrumental in forming the future of the living, this novel delivers surprising depth behind its charming exterior. Grant's epic journey is full of plot twists, witty banter, fantastic new worlds, and unrequited love that will keep readers engaged from cover to cover.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 5.00