A School for Unusual Girls

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A School for Unusual Girls

A Stranje House Novel, #1

A School for Unusual Girls was amazing!!! It gives a “what if” story of the historical events of 1814. And it was so yummy. I really wish that it would have ended on a better note, as book two is going to be in Tess's POV. So I really hope that we get more of Georgie and Sebastian as their future is left very open.

This is what I wished Maid of Secrets would have been like! That story made me want to go take a nap. I finished A School for Unusual Girls in a few hours. I was even reading it while eating dinner, LOL. It is very fast paced and didn’t drag. I think it could have had a little more on the end, but it was still very good.

The characters each had their own voices and I have to say that I wouldn't mind one book in each characters’ POV. And then maybe a last novel that goes through all of them. LOL. If you can't tell - I'm hooked! This book has it all. Mystery, twists, turns, murder, a slight paranormal feel, romance, etc.

I will be crying and drooling until book two comes out. And this is deff. one that I REALLY REALLY want a signed copy to grace my shelf.

I do have a few questions for the author. All the talk of whips and things in the beginning of this - was that any flack to go with all the 50 shades things out there? LOL. Because, I thought it was very fitting and very funny.

And bravo! You made me cry on more than one occasion for this book LOL. Yes that’s a good thing!

Go Into This One Knowing: Hints of Paranormal, no love triangle, a little hint of insta-love (but swoon worthy), Suspense, Thrills, love

On a side note this book reminds me of another series Dark Mirror (Dark Mirror, #1) by M.J. Putney, Mary Jo Putney This series also deals with a finishing school but also is about time travel!

Book Blurb for A School for Unusual Girls

A School for Unusual Girls is the first captivating installment in the Stranje House series for young adults by award-winning author Kathleen Baldwin. #1 New York Times bestselling author Meg Cabot calls this romantic Regency adventure “completely original and totally engrossing.” 

It’s 1814. Napoleon is exiled on Elba. Europe is in shambles. Britain is at war on four fronts. And Stranje House, a School for Unusual Girls, has become one of Regency England’s dark little secrets. The daughters of the beau monde who don’t fit high society’s constrictive mold are banished to Stranje House to be reformed into marriageable young ladies. Or so their parents think. In truth, Headmistress Emma Stranje, the original unusual girl, has plans for the young ladies—plans that entangle the girls in the dangerous world of spies, diplomacy, and war.

After accidentally setting her father’s stables on fire while performing a scientific experiment, Miss Georgiana Fitzwilliam is sent to Stranje House. But Georgie has no intention of being turned into a simpering, pudding-headed, marriageable miss. She plans to escape as soon as possible—until she meets Lord Sebastian Wyatt. Thrust together in a desperate mission to invent a new invisible ink for the English war effort, Georgie and Sebastian must find a way to work together without losing their heads—or their hearts….

A School for Unusual Girls is a great next read for fans of Gail Carriger’s Finishing School series and Robin LaFevers’ His Fair Assassin series.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 5.00