Evren: Enter the Dragonette

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Evren: Enter the Dragonette

I remember how much I hated the silly girlie girls in high school. (Being an incorrigible tomboy myself.) And at times I thought Deli was just as stupid as those girls I went to school with. But then again...

I have to admit I love this book. Deli and Lucian are fantastic. The romance and simultaneous animosity between them is great. They give and take between Lucian., Deli and Dyvian is so realistic. The world around them is vividly described and captures your interest just as the characters capture your heart as you read.

I have a terrible weakness for Dragons. And this book is just the thing to get my fix. Imagine having the spirit of a dragon, being able to fly and shape shift.. Dreams come true for me but very difficult for a young woman to get used to.

I was impressed with the depth of the relationship between the three main characters.  It was so very realistic and reminded me of the friends I had when I was in school.

I am so very looking forward to seeing what the next installment of this fantastic series holds for Deli and her Chevalier Brothers.

Book Blurb for Evren: Enter the Dragonette

Genre:  Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
Sixteen-year-old Deli Winters wakes up, dying. A voice asks her if she wants help, no matter the cost, and she agrees. The next thing she knows, a monster is bathing her in fire. She has become Evren: immortals with dragons for souls.
Deli is pretty, bubbly, and stubbornly optimistic. She’s not what anyone would think the ideal girlfriend would be for someone like Lucian Chevalier, her gorgeous, aloof, and perpetually busy savior. But Deli is in love with him and in between dodging the traps of Sanger High’s Queen Bee and working hard at becoming an ass-kicking Evren warrior chick to avenge her parents’ murders, Deli is determined to win Lucian’s heart…whether he likes it or not. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75