The Mage Sister

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The Mage Sister

When I first began the book, Jahx wasn't a character I cared for. Once we got to 352 years after the prologue and we see a different Jahx I couldn't help but love him. He was no longer insufferable but kind, gentle, patient and sexy.

To his students, he was patient and smart. To his colleagues, he was respected and well liked. They saw him as kind and gentle. Well that is until Arinda comes to his school.

Suddenly he is acting irrational and grumpy. Arinda is a magicker that has been hiding who she is out of fear of what would happen if anyone found out. When Jahx first meets her he becomes possessive but can't figure out why. Arinda comes off as aloof and slow. She is really quite intelligent. So when her secret gets out and she is sent to Nathan's we find out alot about Arinda and Jahx.

We see that Jahx and Arinda are mates. Arinda at times acts like a petulant child and Jahx gets grumpy. Alot is out of guilt but the main reason is because Arinda is kept away from him after their magic is joined so he is in pain and lost.

As Arinda learns to control her magic, we learn more about her and Jahx's world. We see that there is a power struggle with the circle of Mage and Sebastian. That Sebastian is dangerous. That Nathan is a fair and honest king. Cullen is a wonderful healer and Arinda has him as his confidante. We see that when Arinda is seen by the mage society, Sebastian sees her as a target.

Throughout the well written fast paced book, we learn about Arinda and Jahx. But also Nathan and Arinda and what they are to each other. We see Arinda grow and thrive under Nathan and Cullen but also she begins to learn more about herself and what family and love is. We see Jahx begin to see Arinda as more and stop denying that they are mated.

Sebastian is a smarmy character that you cannot help but dislike. He is so arrogant and petulant. His scheme is dangerous but it keeps you wanting to see if he can pull it off in the end.

The story of Arinda and Jahx has all elements to it. We have intrigue, danger, and the growth of love and respect of each one for each other. We see them work together and learn about the other over time.

This is an intriguing story that has romance and danger, love and honor combined in one book and addictive yet entertaining book where the characters endear you to them and have you hoping the good guys win.

Book Blurb for The Mage Sister

Fifteen-year-old Arinda has never made a friend, or worn a pretty dress, or performed a spell in school like all the other girls her age. She has no idea how extraordinary she really is, just that she has a different kind of magic; different in a bad way. What Arinda does know is that she must never reveal this difference to anyone lest the King find out about her and send her away to a secretive society called the Circle of Mages, where she would be magically bound to and enslaved by one of these monstrous mages forever.

When Arinda and her snotty older sister, Amaris, are sent away to school, Arinda is alarmed by the amount of interest the Headmaster Jahx Rife shows in her, terrified that he might find out about her dire secret. However, what she doesn’t know is that the Headmaster is, himself, a secret member of the Circle of Mages, and she has bigger problems than whether or not the King finds out about her.

Then Arinda’s world is turned upside down when her own magic betrays her during a fierce argument with Amaris. Now Arinda must face the very people she has feared her whole life, and call upon powers she has been too afraid to explore in order to endure in a society she has been taught to dread.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 3.50