Orion Chronicles, #1

Remy is descended from a long line of conjurors who have used their special supernatural abilities to alter reality. The 17-year-old’s family has paid a high price for this awesome gift. Both his mother and aunt have been killed by those who oppose the use of the magical powers the family possesses.

With Remy determined to avenge these deaths while the killers are set on completing the extermination of the family, it looks like this young boy is going to need some help to stay alive and achieve his goal. That assistance appears in the form of Matt and Em Calder. These 16-year-old twins also possess special powers. As animare, these teens can not only bring paintings/drawings to life but they can also time travel through works of art.

To cope with historic predators and modern threats Remy and the twins will need to marshal all their unusual abilities in this tale that spans the globe and time. The action moves from modern day Chicago and London to 18th century Mississippi and 16th century Spain during the Inquisition.

This fast paced story with its extraordinary characters will captivate the reader and make this new series one that will appeal to anyone who enjoys a well written fantasy.

Book Blurb for Conjuror

Sixteen-year-old twins Matt and Em Calder are Animare: they can bring art to life, and travel in time through paintings. They work for Orion—the Animare MI5—protecting the secrecy of their order and investigating crimes committed by their own kind. It's dangerous work. But when they are sent to Edinburgh to find a teenage boy who can alter reality with his music, they are drawn into something more dangerous still. For this boy, Remy, is the Conjurer's Son. And he carries something that could change humanity forever.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 4.00