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The Guardian Chronicles, #1

Jazz Watkins is a half succubus. She is a team leader in the fight against chi-soul sucking Suecai. While she is strong in her fight she is often times thwarted. Khan is like her right hand man but also her best friend, since the age of five. He’s also one of the sexiest guys she knows. Her mother who has suffered a Suecai attack and is not herself keeps Jazz wanting vengeance. However, when Jazz herself is cursed and is on the edge of becoming a Suecai, she and Khan set out on their own, to save her.

I think if you are a teenage reader or a fan of teen paranormal books you will probably love this. The writing was done well and the story was fast paced. For me, this was an okay read. It was so much going on and I personally did not make any connections with the characters.

Book Blurb for Cursed

Half-succubus Jazz Watkins spends her nights knee deep in Chicago drug dens hunting Suecai—an evil kind of incubi and succubae who devour the souls of humans. But when a leader of the Suecai curses her, Jazz has to track him down. Either she kills him before the curse burns through her, or she’ll become a full-fledged, out of control, soul-sucking monster. She’s got a handful of weeks, absolutely no leads, and only her sexy best guy-friend, Khan, covering her back. But will the growing attraction she feels for Khan get in the way of her mission to save her own life?

14+ for sexuality and adult situations

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 3.00