Ruling Passion

Ruling Passion is a grouping of Alyxandra Harvey's Drake Chronicles. It contains the first three books; My Love Lies Bleeding, Blood Feud, and Out for Blood. I will say this right now you need to read these stories in order to understand the series. The first book, My Love Lies Bleeding sets up a lot of the world. Plus if you read any book before that other parts will be spoiled for you.

In My Love Lies Bleeding the first couple is Lucy and Nicholas. There is another couple Solange, but I won't reveal the other person as that's one of the best parts of the books. Both couples are interesting in their own ways. The relationships progress nicely. Lucy and Solange are the ones whose points of view we read. They are both strong female leads that bring something different to the table. The plot in this book is fast paced and very exciting.

In Blood Feud Isabeau and Logan are the couple and the people through which we see the story. Isabeau and Logan are extremely fascinating characters. Each one is out to get revenge and that's one of the things that bind them together. They have amazing chemistry and develop a great relationship built on understanding and trust. We get the return of characters from the first book and it's fun to see the Drake family interact. They act like a real family. They've got their issues but they love each other no matter what.

In Out for Blood the couple is Hunter and Quinn. Hunter is a female and Quinn is a male just FYI. This has to be one of my favorite couples in the series. They have this chemistry that draws them to each other despite the fact they are supposed to hate each other. Hunter to me has some of the most progression in the series. She develops in a natural way that really grabbed my attention.

Throughout all the books there are great story lines, political intrigue, and a fascinating world. The world, the myths, and the politics became characters themselves. This a great series of books that I recommend to fans of young adult paranormal romance and those looking to find something beyond the norm for vampires. I adore this series and will definitely keep my eye out for more.

Book Blurb for Ruling Passion

A darkly romantic, irresistibly alluring family of royal vampire blood.

Includes: Hearts At Stake, Blood Feud and Out For Blood

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 5.00