Fledgling : Jason Steed

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Fledgling : Jason Steed

Jason Steed has grown up without a mother and with a father he rarely sees. When he is five, Jason starts karate, earning three black belts before the age of ten. He has also become close friends with Catherine, Princess of England. After saving her from drowning, Jason becomes interested in becoming a Sea Cadet. After gaining admittance, Jason must run the infamous obstacle course for the training school, and he is determined to break his father's record. While running the course, others stop to watch Jason, and even though he is hurt, Jason manages to attain the fastest time ever. One day, during an ocean training session, he and some friends notice boats with Marines on them. When sudden danger strikes, Jason must protect his friends, save his country and make his way back for carrot cake!

I LOVED this book! This is a book that you will be unable to set down from page one till the final action-packed page. Full of drama and action cover to cover, this book will appeal to fans of action/adventure with lots of intrigue and warfare for all. "Fledgling: Jason Steed" is the first in what will hopefully be a long series of books featuring teen Jason Steed. Indiana Jones meets Jackie Chan for a new super teen adventure hero.

Book Blurb for Fledgling : Jason Steed

Tormented by his mother's death...
Taken for granted by his father...
Trained in deadly martial arts...


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 5.00