Santa's Boss

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Santa's Boss

Joy Danser really wants to believe in Santa. As the person in charge of the Santas for the local mall, she requires that they be as authentic as possible. This includes real beards, although they can die them white if needed. She just loves the Christmas season and can hardly wait until it is time to put up the decorations. Her boyfriend of the last 2 years is just not what she wants long-term, so one night while they were going at it, she was shocked to feel what she though was his hand between her legs. Until she realized that his hands were on her shoulders. It seems that Santa has come to help her believe in Santa for real. Just what is she going to do.
Nick Polaris owns 6 Magic Gypsy stores. He was raised by Gypsy’s and holds their beliefs close. He is sure that his grandparents would approve of his use of his gifts to help Joy better believe in Santa. But the more he gets close to her the closer he wants to get to her. What is going to happen when Joy finds out that Nick is the Santa that has been visiting her at night? And is there more to Joy than anyone knows?

I found Santa’s Boss a delightful read. It was fun and easy flowing. Well written, it keeps you involved in the story and wondering just what is going to happen next. It is such a pleasure to read about a different kind of Santa, one that is not set for just children but is more towards us grownups. I wish there was more that we as adults could believe in that would allow us to be more child-like. I hope you enjoy reading Santa’s Boss as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Santa's Boss

Assistant Mall Manager Joy Danser thrives on authenticity. All her mall Santas must have real beards so children can believe. But even she is unprepared for the very real Santa who visits her bed invisibly this Christmas season. Is she dreaming, or has she gone mad? Joy consults Sophia Nardiz, manager of the Magical Gypsy shop at her mall. Sophia reads her palm and gives her a cryptic message: she is at a crossroads, and she must trust her intuition.

Owner of the Magical Gypsy chain and a true Gypsy himself, Nick Polaris is thrilled to play Joy’s Santa, in the mall and in her bed, but he knows it’s only a lark. For true love, he’ll need someone with Gypsy blood. How can he ever abandon the Scottish redhead he enjoys so much?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 4.00