• On Jul 27, 2018, Tamazon said: Hello

    Thanks for stopping over Linda Broday!

  • On Jul 27, 2018, Tamazon said: Our Lucky Winner!

    The lucky print copy winner is: Natasha D.

  • On Jul 26, 2018, debbiew said: Favorite western

    McClintock is my favorite

  • On Jul 14, 2018, LindaBroday said: Thank Your for Having Me!

    Thank you for having me, Night Owl Romance. I'm so excited about my new book To Catch a Texas Star. It was inspired by events of my childhood when I learned a young playmate had been won in a poker game. I just love westerns--movies, TV shows, books--you name it! Someone mentioned Clint Walker in her comment and that really struck a chord. Clint Walker was the best hero. He was quiet but deadly. I molded Duel McClain (Marley's father) after him. He didn't say much but he got the job done and in a way that left no doubt in anyone's mind. I pictured Roan Penny as Scott Eastwood and oh man! Roan was a great character and perfect for Marley.

    I have a new series - Outlaw Mail Order Brides - starting in January. Many of the characters from my Men of Legend series are in this and I finally save the women of Deliverance Canyon.

  • On Jul 13, 2018, Money said: Western Movies

    How the west was won! Thank you

  • On Jul 13, 2018, LSmanski said: western

    I love all of John Waynes movies

  • On Jul 13, 2018, rosalineclancy said: Book

    I love Lorraine Heath's western books!

  • On Jul 12, 2018, kaisquared said: Favorite Western

    Shane, Angel and the Bad Man, Destry Rides Again or High Noon

  • On Jul 10, 2018, SteelerGirl said: Favorite western

    Loved Cheyenne Gunsmoke Bonanza

  • On Jul 10, 2018, Rkcjmomma said: Favorite western movie

    I loved the true story movie 8 seconds

  • On Jul 10, 2018, reneejr said: TV Western

    My favorite Western of all time is Wagon Train.

  • On Jul 09, 2018, Carol L said: Westerns

    I loved Lonesome Dove but also ?over watching a tv show called Cheyenne starting Clint Walker when I was a teen.

  • On Jul 09, 2018, Bitch hazel said: Gunslinger

    I love too many western to list! However Dances with Wolves, yum! Love Firefly and Serenity

  • On Jul 09, 2018, greenshamrock said: TV western

    Loved Dr. Quinn

  • On Jul 09, 2018, saffrongirl said: favorite western

    la desperada

  • On Jul 09, 2018, Robbie said: Westerns

    I loved any movie John Wayne was in. All westerns were watch at my house.

  • On Jul 09, 2018, Latifa Morrisette said: Favorite Western

    I love Bonanza and The Rifleman

  • On Jul 09, 2018, catruf said: Favorite Western

    I watched a lot of Bonanza growing up so that will always have a spot in my heart.

  • On Jul 09, 2018, angienb said: Western

    Does Wild, Wild West count?? I love steampunk!

  • On Jul 09, 2018, DebbyG said: Favorite Westerns

    I used to love watching High Chaparral, Bonanza, and Big Valley

  • On Jul 09, 2018, JOYE said: FAVORITE WESTERN

    My favorite western was The Searchers

  • On Jul 09, 2018, Anxious said: Westerns

    I have no favorite.

  • On Jul 09, 2018, lasvegasnan said: Favorite western

    Anything with John Wayne.

  • On Jul 08, 2018, Taswmom said: Westerns

    I watched all of those shows growing up. As a teen I loved Alias Smith and Jones. A few years back I watched a couple of episodes. Sadly, it is not a classic. I also loved Petticoat Junction and the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which really is a classic. I also love Lonesome Dove!

  • On Jul 06, 2018, bncandg said: re:

    no fav

  • On Jul 05, 2018, CandyLyn said: Western

    I have always had a huge fascination with the west and the native Americans from much earlier times. Watching westerns years ago with my father was an every evening thing. Bonanza, The Big Valley, The Rifleman and many more were the favorites. It was the only thing I had in common with my dad. Other than that I was reading historical romance novels.

  • On Jul 05, 2018, hotone said: Awesome Westerns

    Yes, Linda; I love westerns also. John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Bonanza, The Outsider, Desperado & many more.

    Enjoy reading your awesome books that take us back to those Western days. Thanks, for the chance to win a copy of your new book.

  • On Jul 05, 2018, shorty said: westerns

    My favorite t.v. western is Bonanza, I also like all of John Wayne's movies.