• On Jan 27, 2020, dbranigan said: Rural Area

    We live in a rural area with not much to do beyond take a lot of walks in the local parks. We have some nice parks in the neighboring county.

  • On Jan 25, 2020, librarypat said: Oldest town in TN

    We live outside Jonesborough, TN, the oldest town in the state. It is nice to just walk around. They have a good theater group and we see about 12 shows a year. Best of all, the first full weekend of October, it hosts the International Story Telling Festival. It is the home of the International Storytelling Center.

  • On Jan 23, 2020, dolphinBaby said: in town

    I Love shooting pool or bowling at pins n pockets and going to to local bars

  • On Jan 20, 2020, gincam said: VISIT STATE PARK

    There's a beautiful state park about 15 minutes drive from my house, and they have a boat dock are where can park and just enjoy the incredible view of the lake and the mountains. You can watch the ducks on the water, and at night , you can see the campfires on the other side of the lake.

  • On Jan 20, 2020, lorir said: favorite

    I like to go to the coffee shop.

  • On Jan 18, 2020, sunshinehdfan said: st louis

    I love taking people to the arch

  • On Jan 15, 2020, Llovejoy said: Small town

    There's not much in my small town other but we do go to the outdoor summer concerts with local bands and brews, local garden clubs sales, and county fairs.

  • On Jan 15, 2020, Rkcjmomma said: Town

    I like to go to the beach

  • On Jan 15, 2020, urschler said: Tourist

    We occasionally have staycations and visit local attractions as out-of-towners.

  • On Jan 14, 2020, FanLit said: Tourist

    I visit the local museums.

  • On Jan 11, 2020, NAPAYETTE said: Favorite Place

    Love visiting the beach!

  • On Jan 09, 2020, debbied said: walk

    I love going for walks in the woods.

  • On Jan 08, 2020, Glenda said: local tourist

    There are lots of things I like to do in my home town, but as far as 'playing tourist' I really only do that when I've got friends in town

  • On Jan 08, 2020, Nicky said: Giveaway

    I liked going to concerts and bars

    Never played tourist.

    Now I'm in a new city and state.

  • On Jan 07, 2020, Tina said: Small town life

    I moved here about 5 years ago because my oldest sister lives here. It's a really small town but I love how they go all out with the decorations during the holidays. For Halloween all the businesses in the small downtown put up scarecrows and for Christmas they all put up Snowmen and had contests for each .They also have an awesome nighttime Christmas parade. It was great hearing about where you live. I've never been but think it would be a great place to go.

  • On Jan 07, 2020, greenshamrock said: ....

    I enjoy the lakes

  • On Jan 07, 2020, SueG said: Roni Loren

    I love taking one of the city tours that you can usually find when traveling. One year we did our family vacation staying in our state, including do things in our town. The kids had a blast.

  • On Jan 07, 2020, honeyb said: Small Town

    Nothing My Town's Dying we're Losing Everything but I didn't play tourist before anyway

  • On Jan 07, 2020, hotone said: my town, Anderson, IN.

    I enjoy showing my friends our small town & the sites. The retro Big Boy restaurant, Harrah's Casino & the Mounds Park. Where the Indian burial grounds are located.

  • On Jan 07, 2020, bncandg said: re:


  • On Jan 07, 2020, abqnancy said: Albuquerque, NM

    I do love to visit many, many places in our town. My favorite is the Balloon Fiesta that is held in October. Balloonists from all over the world come to Albuquerque to fly their balloons with others from other countries making it truly a flight of friendship.