• On Feb 12, 2017, sunshinehdfan said: future

    It's about the future. So cool.

  • On Feb 06, 2017, farmermomwife said: Interest

    I like that it's similar to Divergent and Hunger Games, I enjoyed both of those books. This one sounds great too, I like dystopian.

  • On Feb 04, 2017, kaisquared said: Interesting blurb

    It always interests me when a strong independent heroine is featured in the blurb for a book.

  • On Feb 03, 2017, lauralynn said: Sounds great!

    Love that it's similar to the Divergent and Hunger Games series. Can't wait to read it!

  • On Jan 29, 2017, Jana Leah said: Simulation

    Simuation sounds really good. It deals with issues that are important to us now.

  • On Jan 28, 2017, gincam said: What does the future hold?

    I think it will be far, far different that we could ever envision. Will love survive?

  • On Jan 21, 2017, Wendyrinebold said: Simulation

    I like the sound of this plot. I love YA dystopian books.

  • On Jan 20, 2017, Nrslalee said: YAY!

    .I have to say this sounds very interesting/

  • On Jan 19, 2017, Schlauberger said: Simulation

    Looks like an interesting book.

  • On Jan 19, 2017, Money said: Simulation

    I loved Hunger Games and Simulation sounds great! Thank you

  • On Jan 19, 2017, honeyb said: Simulation

    It sounds like a good read and is Compared to Hunger Games and Divergent

  • On Jan 19, 2017, Alina Hart said: What about the blurb for Simulation intrigues you?

    It sounds dark, haunting and exhilarating. An interesting Dystopian YA novel that is sure to put a spin on this genre.

  • On Jan 19, 2017, Queenbethanny said: Dystopian

    I'm interested in reading as I'm a fan of dystopian novels.

  • On Jan 19, 2017, nadinemccarthy said: Should be interesting.

    This should be a great read.

  • On Jan 19, 2017, Danyelle Wadsworth said: Awesome Giveaway!!

    I love the blurb because I love the Hunger Games and if it is anything like it I would re-read it over and over again

  • On Jan 18, 2017, Vrodspike said: Simulation

    I love anything to do with dystopian worlds. I'm sure I will love Simulation.

  • On Jan 17, 2017, brookeblogs said: Re:

    It sounds like a unique dystopian story with lots of excitement.

  • On Jan 16, 2017, bncandg said: re:

    interesting blurb

  • On Jan 16, 2017, DebbyG said: Dystopian

    I love dystopian and add in thriller and I am ready.

  • On Jan 15, 2017, KGOLDMAN said: Thank you

    Thanks for the chance. I am always looking for new books and authors. Night owl gives us that great opportunity to find them . Thank you