• On Dec 27, 2013, ecocat said: Cheryl Harper

    I heard that this book is hilarious. I love the book cover with the hound dog. (love the symbolism).

  • On Dec 26, 2013, Mary Jo Burke said: Cheryl Harper

    Love Elvis!!

  • On Dec 26, 2013, KChorak said: Elvis

    This sounds like a great book. Too bad it is the last of the series.

  • On Dec 26, 2013, Sandypo said: holidays forever!

    I love reading holiday themed books at this time of year...

  • On Dec 26, 2013, Bemiown said: Elvis

    What a generous giveaway. Elvis, no less. Congrats on your new release. Good luck everybody and happy holidays to all.

  • On Dec 26, 2013, Uekiya said: Santa, Bring Baby Back

    Thanks for having such a great contest! The book sounds amazing....looking forward to winning so I can read it! Woot! Good Luck everyone and Happy Holidays!

  • On Dec 26, 2013, Bmhy said: Santa, Bring My Baby Back

    Congrats on the new release! It sounds like a great holiday romance. Love the cover.

  • On Dec 20, 2013, nrdriscoll said: the puppy is cute

    I really love stories that include pets. cant wait to read it.

  • On Dec 17, 2013, shelly said: Holiday Reads

    I love to read Holiday books this time of year it just puts me in a good frame of mind.

  • On Dec 17, 2013, MissMelib said: Cute cover!

    I have been on a Christmas book kick this month. Would love to receive Santa Bring My Baby Back!

  • On Dec 17, 2013, LuvnPhrost said: Santa, Bring My Baby Back

    Sounds like a fun light read!

  • On Dec 17, 2013, MarcyWho said: Santa Baby

    Great Cover, Great blurb..would really enjoy reading this book.

  • On Dec 17, 2013, Tamazon said: Sweet

    I just love the cover of this book.

  • On Dec 17, 2013, MelodyReads said: Awesome book!

    Just in time for christmas. I want to read this book! :)