• On Feb 16, 2020, kcharlton said: Lots of new-to-me's

    There were quite q few authors I was unaware of!! Now I have some new reads!! Always love the finding new authors!

  • On Feb 16, 2020, Hollyelis said: Great authors!

    This was so cool reading the blurbs from all the books, now I have a bunch added to my "must read" list! Thanks for this!

  • On Feb 16, 2020, BlackAsphodel said: Thank you!

    Thank you for introducing me to new authors and for the simple entry methods!

  • On Feb 15, 2020, adila said: Better than before!

    Thanks a lot for getting better and better over years. Like always I enjoyed reading the blurbs & added a few authors to my wish list. You made it a whole easier now, when you click and read the whole blurb without going to other pages. Thanks for saving our time.

  • On Feb 15, 2020, pattytune said: Pat W. New Authors and new books.

    I've read some of the Authors and some are new, so I look for forward to new Authors.

  • On Feb 15, 2020, Tamara Kasyan said: Love These Hunts!

    These are so much fun! I love discovering new authors and books to add to my never-ending TBR pile!

  • On Feb 15, 2020, jsss said: Thanks for the hunt!

    It was fun reading excerpts of the books. I did make a note of a few titles & authors I need to check out!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • On Feb 15, 2020, griffinsgma said: Valentine's Contest

    I always find new authors and get reminders of authors I have heard of before or have been around for awhile. There were several books that sounded interesting and I might be checking into them when I have a little more time.

  • On Feb 15, 2020, AbbyKat said: Another great contest

    I love getting to see all the book blurbs, finding the missing words is a fun way to discover new books.

  • On Feb 15, 2020, Suzi D said: Getting In The Mood

    There is a grand assortment of reading to choices to delve into; for whatever mood strikes you. Set some time aside to slip into something comfy and let your mind take you away.

  • On Feb 15, 2020, MoonMaiden said: HVD

    Enjoy the hunts very much, always find new books/authors to read. Thanks!

  • On Feb 14, 2020, jmesparza said: Love is in the air

    I always have fun doing the scavenger hunts. I love finding new books/authors.

  • On Feb 14, 2020, gecko said: Fun Giveaway!

    I look forward to these seek and find contests by Night Owl Reviews! I enjoy finding new books to entertain me and finding new authors as well!

  • On Feb 14, 2020, Bitch hazel said: Contest

    I love finding new authors to read! Downside...I find way too many books to buy!??

  • On Feb 14, 2020, Tamazon (Moderator) said: Thanks

    Thanks so much DianeS. We love bringing you fun contests and introducing you to new authors and books.

  • On Feb 14, 2020, DianeS said: Fun

    Night Owl Reviews always has fun contests!

  • On Feb 14, 2020, mari said: fun

    it's fun discovering new books!

  • On Feb 13, 2020, Leela said: Love is in the air

    I love finding new books to read.

  • On Feb 13, 2020, bibliolr said: Scavenger Hunt Fun

    Loved that this hunt introduced me to new authors and books which have been added to my TBR.

  • On Feb 13, 2020, Loveallbooks said: Scavenger Hunt

    Like the scavenger hunts as I add new author and books to read.

  • On Feb 13, 2020, MommaB said: Love iIs In The Air Giveaway

    This is an awesome giveaway. I found lots of new authors and interesting books. These scavenger hunts are always so much fun.

  • On Feb 13, 2020, LeonieT said: Fun Fun Fun

    I always have so much fun doing theses scavenger hunts. Always new authors to check out!

  • On Feb 13, 2020, dbranigan said: Contest Remarks

    I do like reading about the books and getting ideas for books to read. Thanks for the chance.

  • On Feb 13, 2020, randamm said: February Giveaway

    I found some new books that I added to my TBR!!

  • On Feb 13, 2020, lavender said: Excited

    This was pretty fun. Can't wait for the next scavenger hunt!

  • On Feb 13, 2020, DorothyH said: Contest!

    Goodluck everyone! these contests are alot of fun!

  • On Feb 13, 2020, NanaSue said: Can't wait to read some of these books!

    I can't wait to read some of these books! Thanks!

  • On Feb 13, 2020, ELF said: Fun and informative as always

    I always enjoy these hunts because I learn about so many new books! Thanks to you and the authors for the great scavenger hunt.

  • On Feb 13, 2020, ljkish said: Scavenger Hunt

    I love your scavenger hunts. I always find new authors and books when I do them.

  • On Feb 13, 2020, Msredk said: February Scanvenger Hunt

    I love your scanverger hunts they are so fun and you find new books and authors too, Diane Craver. Her book, Amish Baby Snatched looks really intriguing!

  • On Feb 13, 2020, ArlenaDean said: Love Is In the Air Giveaway

    It's always good to get in on these 'giveaways.' What I enjoyed about the event was that it was a quick one that went very smoothly. And finding new authors is always a treat.

  • On Feb 13, 2020, char said: Really enjoyed this.

    I found several new authors to add to my ever growing list.

  • On Feb 13, 2020, pkschalk said: Giveaway

    I loved doing this giveaway. I enjoyed reading all of blurbs about each book. Made for interesting reads and found some books I would love to read.

  • On Feb 13, 2020, AshleyAnne said: I love scavenger hunts!!

    I had so much fun with this scavenger hunt! I love finding new authors and my TBR list has certainly grown after this hunt!

  • On Feb 13, 2020, DesitheBlonde said: the goodies

    i love the new authors that have i have meet

  • On Feb 13, 2020, FayteOrchid said: Wow this was fun

    I love doing these. So wonderful. Very cool prizes

  • On Feb 13, 2020, Sable said: Great fun!

    I had a great time reading the blurbs and finding new reads.

  • On Feb 13, 2020, maryrbrannian said: READING THE BLURBS

    Often it's the blurbs that catch my attention, more so than the covers!

  • On Feb 12, 2020, Natali Nacevska said: Amazing opportunity

    It was such amazing chance to read those blurbs, to find so many new authors and their books.

    Thanks to all participating authors ???

    Loved this

  • On Feb 12, 2020, Sunnymay said: Reading Fun Blurbs

    I had a blast reading the blurbs and seeing the covers for all these authors.

  • On Feb 12, 2020, poetriot said: new author

    madison michaels sounds like a great author

  • On Feb 12, 2020, cenixon said: Love In The Air

    Loved this. Found me some new authors to try. Thanks for the chance.

  • On Feb 11, 2020, ctheriot said: Love is in the air giveaway

    This was really fun and a good way to check out new books. Thank you for this chance to win

  • On Feb 11, 2020, rlhcat said: Great way to read blurbs

    Loved reading the blurbs and then entering, Thanks for the chance to win.

  • On Feb 11, 2020, LisaG said: Love is in the Air Giveaway

    I enjoyed entering this giveaway. I especially enjoyed finding new Christian authors. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  • On Feb 11, 2020, Shirley said: VDay Hunt

    This is always so much fun.

  • On Feb 11, 2020, Archana said: Love is in the Air Giveaway

    This format is much easier than the previous ones. Always fun to enter in the giveaway as I find new authors to read. Thank you for the giveaway

  • On Feb 11, 2020, Rhianona said: Another great giveaway

    These giveaways are so much fun. Get to learn about new books and meet new authors. While not everything is to my taste, there is enough that I've added several of these books to my tbr list.

  • On Feb 11, 2020, AmberTerry said: Scavenger Hunt

    These hunts are ALWAYS fun. Not only are you getting a chance to win a cool prize but you're exposed to so many authors! Not that I need any more books to add to my already huge TBR :)

  • On Feb 11, 2020, orchdlady said: Scavenger Hunt

    The previous format gave us a larger selection of the book to look at. The way the format is now is almost, too easy. Jennifer Fye and Eleanor Webster are two new authors and books I'm going to read.

  • On Feb 11, 2020, Researcher said: Interesting variety

    Found some new to me authors. thanks for the giveaway. Always enjoy the hunts

  • On Feb 11, 2020, melisrio said: scavenger hunt

    What a fun scavenger hunt! Lots of new authors I discovered. Fabulous fun giveaway! Kudos to the team of organizers to a job well done!

  • On Feb 10, 2020, petuniag said: FUN!

    I always have fun with these treasure hunts. I love learning about new to me authors, and I am adding more books to my already piled high TBR list. Thank you for this chance!

  • On Feb 10, 2020, Swisspotluck said: Love reading the blurbs

    I love reading the blurbs so much. Some make me interested in a book, some make me cringe, some make me laugh out loud, and some make me roll my eyes. Regardless, I enjoy reading them all.

  • On Feb 10, 2020, AmbieRose said: Love is in the Air Giveaway

    I always enjoy these scavenger hunt giveaways, found more authors to read their books. When reading all the blurbs it made me want to start reading all of these books. Thank you for the chance to win in this awesome giveaway!

  • On Feb 10, 2020, shorty said: scavenger hunt

    I really enjoy the scavenger hunts. I have found some new to me authors and enjoyed reading excerpts from their books.

  • On Feb 10, 2020, Mary Kirkland said: This was fun

    I always have fun on these types of scavenger hunts and this one was fun.

  • On Feb 10, 2020, Sue A said: Fun event!

    A great way to touch base with old favorites authors and also a perfect way to find new favorites.

  • On Feb 10, 2020, Twistedrose said: Contest

    Thanks for the opportunity ??

  • On Feb 10, 2020, lindaoakton said: Contest

    This is the first time I participated in a missing word hunt - what fun!

  • On Feb 10, 2020, SteelerGirl said: Love Is In The Air Giveaway Contest

    I always love doing these. Found 3 books I want to get to read.

  • On Feb 08, 2020, Brandi said: Fun

    I love these scavenger hunts! Always fun and I always find new to me authors or books

  • On Feb 08, 2020, Mamabear said: Scavenger hunt!

    One of the most fun ways to find new reads and get opportunities to win contests!

  • On Feb 08, 2020, Jodi Hunter said: New Books

    I love discovering new books and authors.

  • On Feb 08, 2020, ticklebear said: Such fun!

    I always enjoy doing these. There are new authors to find and the books always sound so good.

  • On Feb 08, 2020, lavender said: Love these!

    I find myself looking forward to these scavenger events. Also, as a vampire romance lover, I'm glad to have discovered 'A Vampire's Tale'!

  • On Feb 07, 2020, Carol L said: Loved it !

    I always enjoy reading the blurbs and finding new Author's books to read.

  • On Feb 07, 2020, Goblinqueensdc said: Scavenger hunt

    This was actually really entertaining. Better than just filling out 5 different handles over and over, plus I got to read the blurbs.

  • On Feb 07, 2020, Katrina Dehart said: Fun!!!!

    Always a blast getting to participate

  • On Feb 07, 2020, katz said: Scavenger Hunt

    Had fun reading the blurbs and finding new authors.

  • On Feb 07, 2020, yoeydavis said: Loved it

    I've never done a Rafflecopter like this before. It was really fun to do and it gave me some info on books I'd like to read.

  • On Feb 06, 2020, Cajun Girl said: Scavenger Hunt 2020

    Cajun girl says .. these hunts are always a blast ! Found some more new authors ! Thank you for the chance !

  • On Feb 06, 2020, Laurel E said: Love is in the Air

    I always enjoy these giveaways. Looking at books by new authors, and finding new books to read is one of the things I enjoy most.

  • On Feb 06, 2020, SandyH said: scavenger hunt, Feb. '20

    I did find some new authors, I've gone to look for their books. Fun reading the blurbs!

  • On Feb 06, 2020, EvaM said: Scavenger Hunt 2020

    The Hunts are always great fun: reading all the blurbs, finding the answers, and coming across new authors, like Becky Banks and Whitney Blake. Thanks!

  • On Feb 05, 2020, Melanie B said: A lot of fun

    Love these scavenger hunts, a lot of fun!

  • On Feb 05, 2020, Sylvie said: Always so much fun!

    Thanks Tammie for hosting these scavenger hunts! They are always so much fun and I always discover new-to-me authors!

  • On Feb 05, 2020, Glenda said: Always fun

    These are always fun and every time I have discovered a new to me author or realized an author I should have been watching has a new book out! Thank You!

  • On Feb 05, 2020, Lostintime said: So Fun

    I found some new to me authors and their books ?! And had fun finding the missing words.

    Thanks bunches????

  • On Feb 05, 2020, DebbyG said: Fantastic

    I always look forward to these. I find new authors and great books. What more could you want?!

  • On Feb 05, 2020, RCLovestoread said: Awesome Giveaway!

    Loved the giveaway entry process! The blurbs were fun to read and introduced me to some great new authors. I'm looking forward to exploring other books written by these wonderful authors.

  • On Feb 05, 2020, Teenyluvkins said: Scavenger Hunt

    Thank you for another great giveaway. I love these hunts 'cos I always get new authors to read :)

  • On Feb 05, 2020, Purpleunicorn said: Scavenger Hunt

    I enjoy these hunts! I love finding authors I don't know about yet.

  • On Feb 05, 2020, Lys Lucky said: Scavenger Hunt

    I love these scavenger hunts! Not only are they are chance to learn about new books and authors, and not only are they are chance to win great prizes, but they are also a chance to participate with a fellow community of romance lovers!

  • On Feb 04, 2020, JeanMP said: Scavenger Hunt

    I always enjoy these scavenger hunts, it is great fun finding new authors to read

  • On Feb 04, 2020, dolphinBaby said: Giveaway

    I have so many of these books on my TBR list :) Love the opportunity to win books

  • On Feb 04, 2020, Veronicathomas said: Spring

    This is giving me SPRING Vibes...I love the bag and thank you so much for helping us find new authors!!

  • On Feb 04, 2020, Veronicathomas said: Another epic giveaway!!

    Thank you so much Tammie for another chance.

  • On Feb 04, 2020, jbalinski said: Love Is In the Air Giveaway

    I love these giveaways. I always find so many new to me authors and books. My TBR pile has grown tremendously.

  • On Feb 04, 2020, AmyMJ said: Love is in the Air Giveaway

    OMG!! This was so much fun! I really enjoyed doing this type of giveaway!

  • On Feb 04, 2020, Lilyraines said: Great giveaway

    Thanks - had lots of fun reading the blurbs!

  • On Feb 04, 2020, crysdotcom said: Great contest!

    Loved reading the blurbs and definitely added a few more books to my overflowing TBR pile. Thanks for the chance!

  • On Feb 04, 2020, Stephanie Allen said: fun fun fun

    thank you for the fun and books

  • On Feb 04, 2020, Bsue said: Love this

    Thank you for the chance and finding new books to read

  • On Feb 04, 2020, booksforme said: Always fun

    I love these contests! I always find new authors and books to read!

  • On Feb 04, 2020, Shannonb said: Fun

    I enjoyed the hunt.

  • On Feb 03, 2020, Cheryl said: fun

    This was fun! Thanks.

  • On Feb 03, 2020, autyde said: so fun

    I enjoy these scavenger hunts! I find new authors, genres, and enjoy the challenge. Thanks for offering them to readers.

  • On Feb 03, 2020, debbied said: Fun

    I love these scavenger hunts. Should do them more often.

  • On Feb 03, 2020, lindah said: Lindah

    I love all the new books I find each month with the scavenger hunt.

  • On Feb 03, 2020, Oconnormom said: Love love love

    Love all the awesome opportunities to find new authors and new reads!

  • On Feb 03, 2020, Latifa Morrisette said: New authors

    I love these Scavenger Hunts because they always introduce me to new authors.

  • On Feb 03, 2020, CourtAnders said: Amazong

    I found some new authors and books to read with this contest. So thank you for the chance

  • On Feb 03, 2020, athenagraeme said: Digging in

    I like digging in and reading the blurbs to find new books.

  • On Feb 03, 2020, Renald said: I like to read

    Some of the books look very interesting, so I will check them out.

  • On Feb 03, 2020, Maritza said: Maritza

    Thanks for the chance to win. Had fun discovered new authors

  • On Feb 02, 2020, Bmhy said: Love Is In The Air

    Love the scavenger hunt! I always find new authors and exciting books to add to my wishlist. Thanks for sponsoring these great events.

  • On Feb 02, 2020, Marybelle said: New to me authors

    I always find new authors and the hunt is always a lot of fun.

  • On Feb 02, 2020, robinld said: Love Is In The Air Giveaway

    I found a new author, Diane Craver, to read. I read a lot of Amish books and I never heard of Diane Craver till now. I like these kind of giveaways where you have to read and find the blank word. Its much funnier to do it this way.

  • On Feb 02, 2020, urschler said: Love is in the Air Giveaway

    This giveaway is great because it introduced me to a LOT of new authors and books that I added to my TBR!

  • On Feb 02, 2020, angienb said: Thanks!

    It was fun! I found a few I'm going to add to my TBR

  • On Feb 02, 2020, pizzahut said: Nicely done

    Interactive giveaway, had fun hunting.

  • On Feb 02, 2020, racycarr said: Interesting

    There was a lot of authors I have not heard of that I will have to check out. I loved how you did the giveaway with the blurbs. Gave great opportunity to be introduced to new books

  • On Feb 02, 2020, DLuscan said: ?LOVE?

    It's so cool to see Angelique Migliore has a book set in Tampa! It's where I'm from and I haven't seen many books set there. I'll be reading it soon for sure! I've added many to my TBR. Thanks!

  • On Feb 02, 2020, abqnancy said: Thanks!

    I always like scavenger hunts because, at the end, I have a list of more to read.

  • On Feb 02, 2020, debshutters said: Love this

    Love playing and got some more authors & books Thanks for the chance :)

  • On Feb 02, 2020, Grace Henley said: Great Scavenger Hunt!

    Such Fun! and Thanks for all the Great Titles to choose from!

  • On Feb 02, 2020, ALHarrison said: Fun!

    So fun! I added several titles to my TBR list! :)

  • On Feb 02, 2020, misspiggysue said: So much fun

    It was fun I found a few new Authors . Thank you

  • On Feb 02, 2020, Krissynchris said: Totally different

    I enjoyed reading each excerpt. It made me realky want to read each book. A unique way to do an awesome giveaway! Thanks

  • On Feb 02, 2020, kaisquared said: Thanks for the fun!

    I enjoyed reading all the blurbs and finding some new to me authors.

  • On Feb 02, 2020, Judy Thomas said: FUN!

    I look forward to these hunts. I really enjoy them & end up finding lots of great authors & books. Thanks guys :)

  • On Feb 02, 2020, saffrongirl said: thank you

    I always enjoy finding new authors, and this is a fun way to learn about their books.

  • On Feb 02, 2020, dragonshfter said: Great books to read and an awesome contest.

    Thanks for all the new books to read and ffg or this great contest. Thanks for this chance and good luck everyone.....

  • On Feb 02, 2020, Nicky said: Thanks

    I always enjoy these giveaways. I love finding out new books and authors.

    Thanks for the chance!

  • On Feb 02, 2020, CandyLyn said: Thank you!

    I thought that the set up was a bit easier than before which is appreciated and I saw a lot of favorite authors. Eleanor Webster is a new to me author that I am very interested in.

  • On Feb 02, 2020, KaraMarks said: That was fun

    I enjoyed the scavenger hunt. Not too hard for me.

  • On Feb 02, 2020, gaborss said: Thank you

    The scavenger hunts are a lot of fun. I always enjoy scrolling through the books and finding something new to read.

  • On Feb 02, 2020, maryrbrannian said: So Many Awesome Titles!

    There are so many books by so many awesome authors, I can't pick just one! I want them all!!!

  • On Feb 02, 2020, NAPAYETTE said: Thanks!

    I usually hate scavenger hunts but you make them so easy. Appreciate it! Always find new authors at Night Owl Reviews.

  • On Feb 02, 2020, purplestarset said: Something different

    Enjoyed doing this scavenger hunt. It was a bit different than the average giveaway & saw a couple books that caught my attention ??

  • On Feb 02, 2020, KGOLDMAN said: Thanks

    I know I say this all the time, but i really enjoy these scavenger hunts. They are fun to play and i always find new books to read. Thanks Again!

  • On Feb 02, 2020, tinalou said: I love the scavenger hunts

    I didn't find any new authors but only because they don't write the genre I love but I did see a few authors I do read and missed their release.

  • On Feb 02, 2020, raecharmed said: S.Hunt

    I loved the scavenger hunt. I also learn about a few new authors to read their books. Thanks for this chance

  • On Feb 01, 2020, Rkcjmomma said: Loved most

    I loved the scavenger hunt and finding some new books to read that sounded really good

  • On Feb 01, 2020, goodietwo said: Great contest

    I did find several new authors and books to read.

  • On Feb 01, 2020, Marina said: Marina

    Thank you for the chance. Some awesome books.

  • On Feb 01, 2020, sunshinehdfan said: Hunt

    So fun.

  • On Feb 01, 2020, princessdebbie said: I need to learn how to post in Instagram.

    I like these kinds of contests. I found several new-to-me authors I would like to try out.

  • On Feb 01, 2020, Stormy said: Lots of fun

    I love doing these scavenger hunts! They are unique and fun. I have also found several new books to read. Unfortunately I am not on any social media sites (I know, a real dinosaur) so I can't post on Instagram or anywhere else. I do look forward to the next Hunt!

  • On Feb 01, 2020, Crystal said: Testimonial & What I Liked by Crystal Stewart

    Thank you for this contest and the opportunity to win. This is a great site and I like it so far.

    What I liked about this contest is that I found myself some new authors and authors I've been following. I am always looking for new books and authors to try. Will try all books at least once.



  • On Feb 01, 2020, CatHaynes said: Fun, fun

    I had a great time doing this. I look forward to the next one.

  • On Feb 01, 2020, Parejam said: Awesome!

    Thank you for the giveaway and the chance to win!

  • On Feb 01, 2020, maromaga said: Love

    Loved the chance

  • On Feb 01, 2020, kaylizmc said: Love

    Just love these scavenger hunts.

  • On Feb 01, 2020, bncandg said: re:

    fun event finding new authors to read

  • On Feb 01, 2020, attessac said: love is in the air

    these are always fun thanks for the chance to win found 3 books to add to my tbr list

  • On Feb 01, 2020, LasVegasNan said: Fun

    I really have fun with the scavenger hunts.

  • On Feb 01, 2020, honeyb said: Fun Event

    Thanks for the Fun Event I like Finding new Authors Books to Enjoy

  • On Feb 01, 2020, Mandatr said: Fun

    Loved the scavenger hunt and found some great books and new authors. So much fun!

  • On Feb 01, 2020, KarenH said: Loved it

    Loved the scavenger hunt as usual. I did find a couple of new-to-me authors in the historical romance genre that I look forward to reading.

  • On Feb 01, 2020, Cathyann said: Love is in the Air

    This was fun.

  • On Feb 01, 2020, Grumpuppy said: Thanks

    I really enjoyed the way to enter. I always read the book blurb to decide if I will buy a book. It was fun that they were all in one condensed area. Made it easier to browse and to find the missing word ??

  • On Feb 01, 2020, hispdhoney said: scavenger hunt

    Some of the these books I've already read.

    But, I found lots of others I'd like to read. Nice job.

  • On Feb 01, 2020, greenshamrock said: :) :) :)

    I love these little scavenger hunts! Always find some great books to add to my reading!

  • On Feb 01, 2020, YvonneTCruz said: Wonderful giveaway

    Thank you for the giveaway

  • On Feb 01, 2020, Koontzlake said: Linda M. says

    I found a bunch of new authors and great books I just have to read. Thanks for your great generosity.

  • On Feb 01, 2020, Kirstenalana said: Love this!

    Thanks for the chance to win! This is such a fun way to do a giveaway!

  • On Feb 01, 2020, Laurie G said: Love Is In the Air

    Several new authors. I enjoyed many of the book blurbs. Blurbs are how I choose what I buy and read. THANKS for sharing!

  • On Feb 01, 2020, SueG said: Love is in the Air Romance Giveaway

    I love doing these types of find authors you may not have heard of.

  • On Feb 01, 2020, lorir said: Fun

    This was fun and I found some books I would like to read.

  • On Feb 01, 2020, Mslisa said: Loved it

    I absolutely loved doing this and reading about how these romances took off or failed. This was very interesting and had me very occupied. I found myself wanting to read more of them. I definitely found myself more arthurs to follow and more books to read. Thank you.

  • On Feb 01, 2020, griffithjoye said: Testimonial

    Really enjoyed the Scavenger Hunt and look forward to reading any of the books mentioned! I love a good steamy romance novel! Thanks for the opportunity!!