• On Apr 03, 2017, Tamazon said: Lucky Winner!

    The lucky winner is...Deb P.

  • On Mar 31, 2017, versatileer said: Dreams

    I don't have very many dreams or they are just nightmares when I do.

  • On Mar 31, 2017, slehan said: Not often

    Don't remember most of my dreams. There was one with a cat.

  • On Mar 30, 2017, Pamk said: dreams

    very seldom do I have vivid dreams or ones I remember. Especially since i have a CPAP machine. I don't remember them hardly at all.

  • On Mar 29, 2017, BunnyClem said: Dreams

    Sometimes I do, but for the most part, I really don't remember my dreams. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • On Mar 28, 2017, Jana Leah said: dreams

    I have before, but not on a regular basis.

  • On Mar 25, 2017, Wendyrinebold said: Vivid Dreams

    I have insanely vivid dreams. I actually look forward to them sometimes because they feel so real.

  • On Mar 25, 2017, CrystalDark said: Thanks for the giveaway!

    Sometimes I have vivid dreams but definitely not all the time. I occasionally get dreams that are so vivid that if I get hurt in the dream I still feel the pain. Other times I remember trivial aspects from the dream that are part of daily life and think they were real or I wake up having been dreaming about reading my current book and feel like I read something that was about to happen.

  • On Mar 21, 2017, sfzphd said: dreams

    I sometimes have vivid dreams. When I was little some of them felt like I was really living them.

  • On Mar 20, 2017, Mari Hinton said: Yes

    Sometimes I wonder why I even dreamed something so crazy. But I love remembering my dreams.

  • On Mar 19, 2017, Melanie B said: Vivid Dreams

    Sometimes my dreams are really vivid, and other times I can't remember them after I wake up. If I can remember I like to write them out in a notebook so I can read about them later on.

  • On Mar 18, 2017, sanii said: Vivid dreams

    Yes! Almost always when I'm feeling stressed or anxious. It's rare the times I don't remember my dreams. I could remember small details.

  • On Mar 17, 2017, PrinCkhera said: Sometimes

    I usually can't remember my dreams, but the few times I do it can be quite disorienting. I think the worst are my daydreams though where I'm walking down the street, lost in my own mind and then all of a sudden the world spins and I need to check to make sure whether I'm dreaming or not.

  • On Mar 16, 2017, petuniag said: Vivid Dreams

    The only dreams I remember are ones with best friends. They're the same friends in each dream, with different adventures, but in real life I've never met or even seen these people.

  • On Mar 16, 2017, dshutters said: vivid dreams

    sometimes my dreams seem real

  • On Mar 16, 2017, GladShell said: Vivid dreams

    No I don't. The only time I had them was when I was pregnant.

  • On Mar 16, 2017, Valmiller said: vivid Dreams

    Yes I do most of the time.

  • On Mar 16, 2017, learyinmartin said: Are my dreams vivid?

    I don't always remember my dreams but the ones I do, are always vivid

  • On Mar 16, 2017, riaalemina said: I do have vivid dreams sometime

    Yes i do have vivid dreams sometime. Looks very real

  • On Mar 16, 2017, JeanneNancy said: Vivid dreams

    Yes sometimes I do have vivid dreams.

    Nancy Burgess

  • On Mar 16, 2017, catedid said: Dreams

    I don't usually remember my dreams.

  • On Mar 16, 2017, Michelle Willms said: Vivid Dreams

    Yes. When I dream, they are always quite vivid. I've had times that my dreams were so real, so very, very intense, that I awoke heartbroken to realize that the dream was just that - only a dream. I still dream vividly about my grandmother and she died 20+ years ago. I've had to train myself to realize inside the dream that I'm dreaming or I would be grief-stricken over her death all over again each time I awaken. The dreams of her are SO real.

  • On Mar 13, 2017, maryrbrannian said: Vivid Dreams

    Yes; there are times that when I wake up, I feel disoriented. I dream in vivid color, and have "visited" some places more than once, but not on consecutive nights. Had one last night that I was at a yard sale, and my ex in laws were there. I wasn't a happy camper to see them, but was courteous; more than you could say for them! VERY PLEASED to wake up and realize it was just a dream.

  • On Mar 12, 2017, Judy said: Vivid Dreams

    Sometimes my dreams are so vivid that I wake up and can't tell if I'm still dreaming!

  • On Mar 12, 2017, Narcomom said: Vivid Dreams

    Yes, I've always had vivid dream's. However, about 18 years ago I was diagnosed with a neurological disease known as Narcolepsy. Due to this disease my dreams are so vivid now, that if I dream of roses I wake up thinking I'm really smelling roses. It can really FREAK you out at times. Absolutely TRUE. In fact, they call it "Hynagogic Hallucinations". And speaking from my own experience it really does FREAK me out!!!

  • On Mar 11, 2017, abbygirl said: dreams

    sometimes I do -- it seems like they really happen

  • On Mar 11, 2017, orchdlady said: Dreams

    I have vivid dreams and I usually remember them.

  • On Mar 09, 2017, Ebony said: Dreams

    I don't remember most of my dreams. But the ones I do remember are weird or horrible nightmares.

  • On Mar 08, 2017, Esther Gerdzen said: Vivid Dreams

    I don't remember my dreams . Sometimes when i remember my dream he is very vivid . Thanks for the chance .

  • On Mar 08, 2017, UpDallas said: Vivid Dreams

    Yes, I have always had vivid dreams since I was a child. I can see colors and see very specific things?

  • On Mar 07, 2017, Kara said: dreams

    I have really vivid dreams, esp. if I'm short of sleep.

  • On Mar 06, 2017, MJSymmonds said: Dreams

    Yes sometimes but other times not so much.

  • On Mar 06, 2017, davisbk said: My dreams

    My dreams are very bright, colorful, and vivid. Sometimes it's like living another person's life, and sometimes it's like watching a movie.

  • On Mar 05, 2017, Feliciamarie said: Sometimes

    I do have vivid dreams now and then - sometimes I wish I didn't LOL

  • On Mar 05, 2017, Renald said: dreams

    Some dreams are clear and others are confusing.

  • On Mar 05, 2017, StarDust said: Dreams

    I have very vivid dreams, and also frequently lucid dreams.

  • On Mar 04, 2017, JeanMP said: Dreams

    Yes sometimes they are very vivid

  • On Mar 04, 2017, Redtweetypie said: Vivid Dreams

    I have very vivid dreams and the occasional vivid nightmare. The nightmares are as bad or worse than any really good scary movie.

  • On Mar 03, 2017, JulieAlcin said: Vivid Dreams

    TOO many to count, but I also have vivid nightmares. I also have dreams that turn into Deja Vu moments

  • On Mar 03, 2017, MdotDrizzi said: Dreams

    Oh my yes! I have very vivid dreams. And nightmares as well...unfortunately.

  • On Mar 03, 2017, BrooklynShoeBabe said: I Do Have Vivid Dreams

    I have had dreams so vivid, I'd wake up thinking people from my dream would still be in my bedroom.

  • On Mar 03, 2017, Cora said: So do you have vivid dreams?

    Yes I do, quite often. Very rarely do I sleep without dreaming.

  • On Mar 02, 2017, Cajun Girl said: C.M. McCoys Comment Question

    cajun girl says ... Sometimes they are vivid,but I don't always remember them after I wake up

  • On Mar 02, 2017, JessicaAlmie said: Vivid Dreams

    Most of my dreams are vivid. Specially if before going to sleep I've read some pages of a book, or if I was writing a story all day.

  • On Mar 02, 2017, adaffern said: Dreams

    Some of my dreams are vivid.

  • On Mar 02, 2017, Didi said: Absolutely

    Sometimes, it seems so real I wake up exhausted over the event.

  • On Mar 02, 2017, righinnk said: Absolutely

    Absolutely. I have pretty vivid dreams, especially if I have anything with melatonin before bed. Then my dreams are Crazy and vivid!

  • On Mar 02, 2017, lauralynn said: Vivid Dreams

    Yes! Sometimes they seem very real!

  • On Mar 02, 2017, Nikolina said: Yes...

    I have very vivid dreams!!!

  • On Mar 02, 2017, bncandg said: re:


  • On Mar 02, 2017, KGOLDMAN said: Thank you

    I don't remember the last time i remembered a dream, when i have they have always been very strange.

    Thanks for the chance

  • On Mar 02, 2017, Anna said: Dreams

    Going to bed I make up stories then blank out until morning where I wake up with the craziest dreams. So yes Vivid.

  • On Mar 02, 2017, Sshepherdrn said: Do I?

    On occasion. Unfortunately, they're either really steamy or very, very scary.

  • On Mar 01, 2017, honeyb said: Eerie

    Yes whenever I remember my dreams they are usually Vivid ones. That's probably why I remember them LOL.

  • On Mar 01, 2017, steph y said: Thanks

    I have on occasion. Most of them are very odd.

  • On Mar 01, 2017, Queenbethanny said: Dreams

    Not really - I rarely remember my dreams/.

  • On Mar 01, 2017, Money said: Dreams

    yes, sometimes.

  • On Mar 01, 2017, shadowwolf said: dream

    the only vivid dream I had was one in where I was running..always running

  • On Mar 01, 2017, rhonda said: Sometimes

    I remember some of them in quite detail

  • On Mar 01, 2017, lasvegasnan said: Dreams

    I do from time to time.

  • On Mar 01, 2017, angienb said: Dreams

    Yes, my dreams are pretty vivid. Sometimes, if I remember them, I wake up wondering if it actually happened or not.

  • On Mar 01, 2017, Ingeborg said: Dreams

    I have very vivid dreams. I can describe the people, what color they were wearing and what they said. At one time I wrote my dreams down and sometimes I would have many pages because the dreams were so long.

  • On Mar 01, 2017, ScorpioLovesToRead said: Sometimes

    I rarely remember my dreams but when I do...they're very vivid.

  • On Mar 01, 2017, tpoage said: Dreams

    I don't remember dreaming at all. I don't sleep well at nights and wake up ll through the night.

  • On Mar 01, 2017, shorty said: vivid dreams

    Most of the time I don't remember my dreams but every now and them I have very vivid ones that I will wake up crying or screaming and I can remember those ones.

  • On Mar 01, 2017, SueG said: CM McCoy

    Every once in a while I do have very vivid dreams but not very often.