• On Sep 17, 2018, Tamazon said: Winner!

    The lucky print copy winner of Cowboy Charm School is...ELF!

  • On Sep 13, 2018, ELF said: If Murphy's Law can

    affect my usually does. I've learned to just go with the flow!

  • On Sep 11, 2018, abqnancy said: Haywire?

    Haywire? With 5 adopted handicapped kids I stayed that way.

  • On Sep 11, 2018, kaisquared said: Plans?

    I have had trips turn into wonderful staycations.

  • On Sep 09, 2018, jbalinski said: Plans

    I have had plans go haywire many times. All you can do is roll with the punches and make the best of the situation.

  • On Sep 09, 2018, Bmhy said: Plans

    Yes, I have had some plans go haywire. I try not to become upset and just adapt as best as possible.

  • On Sep 08, 2018, gincam said: the best-laid plans...

    ...can definitely go haywire...sometimes others can take over and turn things around for the best...

  • On Sep 06, 2018, pgriner said: Plan go haywire

    Not that I can recall. Most things usually go pretty good.

  • On Sep 06, 2018, Purpleunicorn said: Plans

    I've had a few plans go haywire, but they usually work out for the good in the end.

  • On Sep 06, 2018, shorty said: plans

    Yes many times, I have learned to adjust when things go wrong.

  • On Sep 06, 2018, NanaSue said: Plan Gone Haywire

    Yes, a few times. I learned to roll with the punches and most of the time it would turn out okay.

  • On Sep 06, 2018, catedid said: Plan

    No, never had a plan go really badly.

  • On Sep 05, 2018, bncandg said: re:


  • On Sep 05, 2018, princessdebbie said: Going Haywire

    I had a plan go haywire once and it had a bad outcome. I try not to do to much planning alone anymore.

  • On Sep 05, 2018, Koontzlake said: Haywire

    I never had a plan go haywire.

  • On Sep 05, 2018, Rkcjmomma said: Haywire

    No i havent

  • On Sep 05, 2018, CandyLyn said: Haywire

    I wish someone would shake the sense out of me so I can live!!!

  • On Sep 05, 2018, Money said: Plans

    I would say a few, Some a mess, others a blessing. Thank you

  • On Sep 05, 2018, caraddatz said: haywire

    nothing that i cant remember

  • On Sep 05, 2018, lasvegasnan said: Plan haywire

    Nothing I plan goes the way it should.