• On Dec 29, 2012, Tamazon said: The Vote

    Embrace by Jessica Shirvington wins this cover wars face off.

  • On Dec 29, 2012, Tamazon said: Winner

    Lori Meehan wins a NOR Goodie Package!

  • On Dec 28, 2012, GaPeachBookBum said: Cover vs Cover

    I voted for Insignia, there are several books right now that have a cover almost identical to Embrace. I actually thought it was one of the other books when I first looked at it before I voted.

  • On Dec 27, 2012, monagls said: cover vs cover

    I chose Insignia because its different. There are so many that look like embrace that while it appeals there's another just like it somewhere

  • On Dec 26, 2012, SharonJM said: covers

    I like the mysteriousness of the Embrace cover. I would pick up the book because the cover intrigues me and encourages me to find out what the book is about.


  • On Dec 26, 2012, mamaconnie said: Embrace

    I didn't choose Insignia because I already have double vision that drives me nuts so this one does not appeal to me!

  • On Dec 26, 2012, Grampy said: Tough Choice

    To be perfectly frank, both images are too small for me to really be sure. I can't tell what Insignia's cover shows, so my vote went to Embrace, but if I could see them up close, I might very well go the other way.

  • On Dec 25, 2012, Sweettoothtoo said: Embrace

    I prefer the image and the colour of Embrace

  • On Dec 25, 2012, lisagk said: Cover War

    I like the purple colors. lisagk@

  • On Dec 25, 2012, squiresj said: voted

    I voted - enter me

  • On Dec 25, 2012, ecocat said: Embrace

    The cover of Embrace is easy on the eyes Insignia's color is a bit too bright. However Insignia's cover does catches attention.

  • On Dec 25, 2012, AbbyKat said: Cover Wars

    Both are very eye catching covers, but I'm more drawn to Insignia. It has more of a tech look, and as an IT geek it quickly catches my attention.

  • On Dec 25, 2012, celticdebbie said: Embrace

    I love the color purple, but to be fair the other cover is good too.

  • On Dec 25, 2012, Lori Meehan said: Covers

    The Embrace cover is beautiful

  • On Dec 24, 2012, Wanda said: Cover Wars

    Although both books look great, I have to pick Embrace cover as my favorite

  • On Dec 24, 2012, blakesmomma said: Embrace

    The colors of Embrace are really eye catching!

  • On Dec 24, 2012, Renald said: Happy Holidays

    I can't see the red cover, too small. And Red is sexy. But Embrace is clear and very nice.

  • On Dec 24, 2012, AquarianDancer said: Color

    I like the colors of Embrace. I also like the placement of the title better.

  • On Dec 24, 2012, Orangepeacock said: Embrace

    I found Embrace to be much more appealing to my tastes.

  • On Dec 24, 2012, vanpham said: cover wars

    I voted for Embrace, although I'm intrigued by both book's summary.

  • On Dec 24, 2012, Laurie P said: Cover wars

    Insignia, love the color.

  • On Dec 24, 2012, Hotcha said: COVER WARS


  • On Dec 24, 2012, Kestrel said: covers

    I love the colors used on the Embrace cover. While the colors for Insignia cover indicate the intensity of the book, the colors are a bit jarring for me.

  • On Dec 24, 2012, AAzhure said: A New Twist

    I like new twists on angel mythology. The dynamics between Violet and her trainer and the outcast sounds interesting.

  • On Dec 24, 2012, wenjas said: Insignia

    There's just something about the cover that caught my eye.

  • On Dec 24, 2012, nsojka said: Embrace

    The Embrace cover is more eye catching...

  • On Dec 24, 2012, muduck said: Insignia

    Though the delicacy of the "Embrace" cover is attractive, I prefer the boldness of "Insignia." I just feel like the 'girl facing away' cover has been done.

  • On Dec 24, 2012, JannaShay said: Awesome

    I like both covers, but Embrace just catches my attention.

  • On Dec 24, 2012, Cfort said: GO EMBRACE

    Love that cover!!!

    Purple rocks!!

  • On Dec 24, 2012, grapeapril said: Purple Love

    My fav color but also a beautifully done cover!

  • On Dec 24, 2012, Soulwalker said: Enticing books...

    (but aren't they ALL?) I don't often read YA, but these both sound so good, I am going to have to add them to the (ever-growing) "to be read ASAP" list on my Kindle! :)~ Blessings to you and those you love and Happy Holidays!

  • On Dec 24, 2012, sunshinecathy said: Cover vs Cover

    I have to go with Embrace. Maybe it's the purple which is my favorite color.

  • On Dec 24, 2012, Verogrl said: Cover vs Cover

    Going to go for the red cover "Insignia"

  • On Dec 24, 2012, catmat said: catmat

    Like both covers but Embraced is easier to make out. But...both books sound very good and would read both!

  • On Dec 24, 2012, KChorak said: cover vs cover

    Embrace has a softer, more romantic feel to it.

  • On Dec 24, 2012, TrinaC said: Cover vs Cover

    I liked Embrace. I like the colors & how you only see the girl's back & wings.

  • On Dec 24, 2012, sharons said: cover vs cover

    I like the red, but it is hard to make out the details on the cover so I picked Embrace.

  • On Dec 24, 2012, HCHarju said: Cover Art contest

    I liked Embrace. Maybe it was the cool colors or the mystery of the girl. It's very ethereal.

  • On Dec 23, 2012, LuvnPhrost said: My fave is...

    Embrace, I love the purples and the whimsical feel of the cover art. Very pretty!

  • On Dec 22, 2012, CathyF said: It's Purple!

    I had to vote for embrace - it's purple! I do love shades of lavender and purple.

  • On Dec 21, 2012, SteelerGirl said: Cover Art

    Embrace caught my eye through the colors

  • On Dec 20, 2012, Susan T said: Cover....

    The red in Insignia caught my eye.

  • On Dec 19, 2012, dragonlord said: covers

    I voted for Embraced because it was more attrative to me and clearer. It is hard to clearly see insignia. plus the color jumped out at me more for Embraced.

  • On Dec 18, 2012, Heidiliz said: Embraced

    I think Embraced is beautiful. I can't really tell what is on the cover of insignia, but Embraced really stands out to me.

  • On Dec 18, 2012, flowersbirds said: Embrace

    Embrace has beautiful coloring and the central figure catches your eye while the writing on Insignia is hard to read.

  • On Dec 18, 2012, DianeS said: Embrace

    maybe it's just natural to choose the color you like more - I do like blues purples.

  • On Dec 17, 2012, Bemiown said: The cover EMBRACE

    The colors on the EMBRACE cover are beautiful and so is the image. This definitely has my vote.



  • On Dec 17, 2012, phoenix said: Covers

    I choose Embrace.

  • On Dec 16, 2012, Lizsemkiu said: I vote for Embraced.

    I like the colors of Embraced. The cover on Insignia does tell me anything about the book.

  • On Dec 16, 2012, Sable said: Embrace

    I had to choose Embrace.

  • On Dec 16, 2012, jmcgaugh said: Cover Wars 3

    I like the coloring and composition of Embrace's cover.

  • On Dec 15, 2012, cajun girl said: cajun girl says


  • On Dec 15, 2012, Kareninnc said: I liked

    Embrace gets my vote. The Insignia cover was hard to read...IMHO.


  • On Dec 15, 2012, Yadkny said: Thanks for the giveaway!!!

    I'm all about the Embrace cover!

    Happy Holidays!


  • On Dec 14, 2012, Samantha said: SAMANTHA


  • On Dec 14, 2012, greenshamrock said: Embrace

    Love the Embrace cover... it gets my vote!

  • On Dec 14, 2012, bncandg said: re:

    I like the Insignia cover.

  • On Dec 14, 2012, Joder said: I'm drawn to....

    Insignia. Gorgeous and intense colors!

  • On Dec 14, 2012, Ingeborg said: Insignia

    I like both covers but decided to vote for Insignia.

  • On Dec 14, 2012, CrystalDark said: Embrace

    I voted for Embrace because of the way the colors seemed to complement the rest of the cover and give it a mythical feel.

  • On Dec 14, 2012, castlefan said: Embrace

    I voted for Embrace by, Jessica Shirvington

  • On Dec 14, 2012, LSUReader said: Embrace

    I'm not familiar with either of these books or authors, but the Embrace cover appeals to me more.

  • On Dec 14, 2012, DebA said: Insignia

    I liked the Embrace cover because it tied in to what the story is about.

    The Insignia cover was done beautiful but I could not relate to it.

    Congrats to both the authors!

  • On Dec 14, 2012, erin f said: insignia

    Definitely like Insignia better