• On Dec 04, 2012, Tamazon said: Congrats

    The winner of the Goodie package is: laurelskoog

  • On Nov 30, 2012, Joder said: My vote.....

    I really like Silver Bella by Lucy Monroe. Great mix of people and scenery!

  • On Nov 30, 2012, Tamazon said: Voting Ends Today

    This is the last day to get your vote in for the cover you like the best. Which book would you pick up just because of the cover art?

  • On Nov 28, 2012, Anonymous said:

    I like the cover for Silver Bella the best, and the cover makes me want to pick it up. This cover has more a Christmas feel to it: the cozy scene and the two Christmas wreaths decorations on the fence(ranch?). I may be a city gal but I would not mine reading about cowboy romance.


  • On Nov 28, 2012, squiresj said:

    I like both covers but like the Christmas one instead of guy with his shirt off.

    jrs362 at hotmail dot com

  • On Nov 28, 2012, Anonymous said:

    I think that Lucy's cover had that "cozier" look to it. Helen's cover had an anesthetic look and feel to it, and although there was a dog on the cover, the people were chopped off!! I'm sure the book is good, but the cover doesn't present itself that way. ( Countrysunrise/ NOR )

  • On Nov 27, 2012, SHARON BAKER said:

    I just recently entered a relationship with a fellow that I dated 47 years ago. I am in Ca he is in OH. We will not be together over the Holidays so Christmas cover appeals to me.

  • On Nov 27, 2012, thscar said:

    I like the one with the Christmas tree. It makes me want to read the book to find out the story behind the picture.

  • On Nov 27, 2012, Eva said:

    Sorry, correct email should be: bossu49@

  • On Nov 27, 2012, Leanna said:

    I love both covers and would probably buy both. One is sexy and one has Christmas and I love Christmas books this time of the year.

    NOR Leanna Hiner

  • On Nov 27, 2012, Anonymous said:

    I like both covers, but in the spirit of Christmas, Christmas Without You wins.

    NOR user Jenafyre

  • On Nov 27, 2012, desitheblonde said:

    the one with the tree tell a story and then so des the other one it sa it in the eyes booth are great

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Anonymous said:


  • On Nov 26, 2012, Felicia said:

    I love Silver Bella also - very riveting!

  • On Nov 26, 2012, laura thomas said:

    I like snow, so I was drawn to the second cover. Both books sound wonderful and I'll be happy to read them. I'm browsing bookstores for Christmas reads!

  • On Nov 26, 2012, smurphy said:

    The cover of It's Not Christmas Without You seems more "Christmas-y" to me. I'd look at that one first because I'm so into the Christmas holiday. (However, the abs of steel on Silver Bella are nice to look at, too.) Based on the descriptions--I would read both--but on cover alone, I'd lean toward the one on the right.

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Anonymous said:

    I like the cover for Silver Bella best. The cover for It's Not Christmas Without You seems to be missing something.

  • On Nov 26, 2012, momofthree said:

    Like the 1st cover it appeals more to me for reading

  • On Nov 26, 2012, karenl said:

    I like Silver Bella cover the best. I also agree with some other comments I prefer a face on cover and not half a body.

    NOR User Name - Arianne

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Booklover said:

    The way the cover is, you can put yourself in the place of the couple.

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Ingeborg said:

    I like the second cover better. It's more like Christmas.


  • On Nov 26, 2012, Lisa J said:

    They are both nice covers, but I went with Silver Bella. I liked the way they were looking at each other. Of course, the abs didn't hurt either.

    NOR User Name - LisaJoli

  • On Nov 26, 2012, QuenKne said:

    It's really amazing how just a book cover can persuade someone to pick up a book - I wonder if covers win over titles? I, personally, look at both.

    NOR User Name: QuenKne

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Yazmin said:

    I like both covers. It's Not Christmas Without You gives a nice holiday feel to it, but I don't like the two models being cut off so much. Silver Bella is nice and sexy, but I feel like it's missing something more to attract the attention, the background and models blend a little too much for my liking. Voted for It's Not Christmas Without You.

    NOR Username:YazminR

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Chelsea said:

    I choose Silver Bella by Lucy Monroe.


  • On Nov 26, 2012, Melissa Bragg said:

    I was drawn to Silver Bella :)

  • On Nov 26, 2012, crazycatlady58 said:

    I like them both but I prefer faces on the cover so Silver Bella it is.

  • On Nov 26, 2012, donnas said:

    They are both nice, but the Christmas cover calls to me more


  • On Nov 26, 2012, Liz S. said:

    I prefer Silver Bella. I am not a big fan of chopped off torsos.


  • On Nov 26, 2012, Joelene Coleman said:

    I get a sense of the story immediately from the cover of "Christmas Without You," and that it is a holiday story, without the obvious stated in the title. "Silver Bella" looks like a Western Romance and the cover needs a more prominent holiday theme to connect the title with the season. Both books look enticing to read, but it's that first impression (cover) that grabs the reader and if I'm looking for a holiday story, I'll definitely grab "Christmas" over "Bella" because it looks like Christmas.

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Belinda G said:

    Comparing the covers is like choosing between apples and oranges. What do you have a taste for that day. One is sexy the other is sweet and holiday tame. It would be a personal preference. I would think it would be fairer to compare like covers that convey the same message. That is not the case with these.

  • On Nov 26, 2012, beccasmom said:

    both caught my eye. i will check both out.


  • On Nov 26, 2012, Z said:

    I like both covers but I think It wouldn't be Christmas Without You more fits my mood for this Holiday.

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Anonymous said:

    I've already pre-ordered Bella.... I'm looking forward to it. thanks for the cover contest. lisagk@yah

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Anonymous said:

    I will most likely read both because I love Christmas books, but Silver Bella screamed at me "READ ME! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO" the most. I would put a bit more Christmas on the cover...not much more but something to go with the wreath. It's not Christmas Without You has a great Christmasy cover but the write up didn't call out to me. To me the cover is always what catches my eye, I read the blurb to see if it matches the cover before I buy it.

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Anonymous said:

    Both sound great but I love ranch setting,so Silver Bella got my vote.

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Adnor said:

    Why stop with just one? They both got my attention!

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Christina said:

    I like the Christmas one better... it just appealed to me

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Nay Nay said:

    I do not like chopped up covers. I like to see as much of the cover models as is possible. Silver Bella is the one I voted for. I would probably pass right by the other one in the store.

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Keizerfire said:

    I like both covers and Silver Bella is an eyecatcher of course with the skin, but the other cover seems more like a Christmas book.

  • On Nov 26, 2012, LSUReader said:

    I'm in a Christmas mood, so HelenKay's cover got my vote today. Both are nice covers. Thanks.

  • On Nov 26, 2012, judy said:

    I like Silver Bella cover. I will read both in time.

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Libri Vermis said:

    I'm not a big fan of any Christmas story, especially this year. But I didn't like the chopped off people on the It's Not Christmas title.

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Suzy said:

    I liked Silver Bella better, I like to see who the story I'm reading is about, doesn't mean I won't read both. Happy Holidays!

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Janna Shay said:

    Like both covers, but I like 'It's Not Christmas Without You' best.

  • On Nov 26, 2012, mcv said:

    Both are good covers, but I prefer to see faces on the covers, so it's Silver Bella for me.


  • On Nov 26, 2012, Chi Kittie said:

    They are both really nice covers. I choose Christmas without You. Very pretty and colorful


  • On Nov 26, 2012, kittybooboo13 said:

    Love how it hints without being overt. Also, I lived on a cow farm the first 18 yrs of my life. I can't stand cowboys OR ranchers!! LOL

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Anonymous said:

    I would much rather see a shirtless man than someones feet!


  • On Nov 26, 2012, Lorene said:

    I chose Silver Bella. I'm just not a big fan of covers where the head is cropped off. I like to see the face along with the body. It just looks more 'complete'. Having said that, it's usually my imagination that places the face with the characters anyways. I don't generally let the cover dictate to me what the characters actually look like. But headless bodies just don't 'cut' if for me.

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Maria D. said:

    I just think the It's Not Christmas cover looks more like a Christmas cover - the tree - the characters in winter clothing - just more traditional holiday feel

  • On Nov 26, 2012, bharrelson said:

    I chose "It's Not Christmas Without You" has the feel of Christmas and entices me to read it. I prefer to NOT have faces on people since my imagination is usually so much better. Another thing about faces on the cover, they are seldom as the author describes them. That being said, I was actually more intrigued by the synopsis of "Silver Bella". I put both on my TBR list.

  • On Nov 26, 2012, Karen Johnson said:

    I like to see the faces of the cover models.


  • On Nov 26, 2012, PuttPutt1198Eve said:

    I'm a sucker for Christmas stories, pictures, snow on trees,etc. So, of course, I picked It's Not Christmas Without You!

  • On Nov 26, 2012, jmcgaugh said:

    I choose the bare chest; it's probably a better indication of the type of romance; i.e., at least a moderate heat level. From the cover, I would assume a sweet Christmas romance with a low heat level.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Nova said:

    Silver Bella is my pick! I wish the pic on the other cover was a little more intimate looking!

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Leni said:

    Silver Bella got my vote. It's a different kind of holiday cover and gives an idea of what the book is about. It doesn't entirely rely on too much holiday themes.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Gayle Pace said:

    I don't really care for covers that only show half a person. It was like somebody ran out of ink or paper.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Anonymous said:

    Both covers are nice but I found the second cover to have more of a

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Laurie said:

    This one is hard because they are so different.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Nancy J. Cohen said:

    I like seeing the full couple on the cover.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Kestrel741 said:

    I have never been a fan of covers that just show the lower half of person or couple, the seem incomplete. I like Silver Bells better as you can see the faces of the couple and get a feeling of who they are.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Romance Reader Enthusiast said:

    I see that they are almost neck and neck but I liked Lucy's cover more. Got to love a nice set of abs. But that won't stop me from wanting to read both books.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Storming the Castle Podcast said:

    I like both covers, but I prefer faces as well. Not a huge fan of headless bodies. :-)

    I voted for Silver Bella.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Jen B. said:

    I think both covers are nice but my eyes kept returning to the Helen Kay Dimon cover. There is something very comfortable about it.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Grampy said:

    I prefer Silver Bella. But I agree with the comments that "something" is missing from the "christmassy" theme. I think -- just my opinion -- that one of those red santa claus hats with white trim on the guy's head would do the trick! That would also help convey the notion that she's going to unwrap her present!


  • On Nov 25, 2012, moca said:

    I chose "It's Not Christmas without You." It has more of a Christmas feel, bit I wish it had the full picture.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, SharonJM said:

    I like the "it's not Christmas", cover because it looks like Christmas.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Book Swagger said:

    This was tough the snow was so pretty on one and I'm a huge Lucy Monroe fan but bottom line I don't want to see the back of a couples behind unless the dude is hot and showing some crack!

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Pat F said:

    I want to read both books! But It's Not Christmas Without you is definitely , more Christmasy!

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Cathryn Cade said:

    I prefer covers with no faces, so I can imagine my fave actors in their places if I want to. I also love Christmas romance, and the seasonal feel of 'Not Christmas Without You' cover. I will most likely read it!


  • On Nov 25, 2012, paparanormalfan said:

    I'm a Cover Art Fanatic & those Ripped Ads definitely caught my eye ;) I'm going with Silver Bella, the Beautiful Cover pulled me to that one & made me want to read this book.

    PS: I am a subscriber of NOR for some time now.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Anonymous said:

    I love Lucy Monroe's books but the cover for Jingle Bells does not have much to do with Christmas

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Pennie Morgan said:

    I love a bare chest but the cover that caught my attention first was It's Not Christmas Without You by Helenkay Dimon and so that one got my vote.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Darlene said:

    Speaking just of the covers. If I went into a bookstore to buy a novel for Christmas, the picture on It's Not Christmas Without You would tell me it was a Christmas story. Whereas, only the title Silver Bells gives a hint of a Christmas story. The wreath is much too small. I choose It's Not Christmas Without You.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, spacegirl91377 said:

    I like both covers but I could only pick one.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Ann S. said:

    I love holiday romances and the cover of Its Not Christmas Without You has a more holiday look. It caught my eye first. I do think that both stories sound great though.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Susan Falkler said:

    I like a Christmas cover. There's enough open shirt men covers

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Dawn Roberto said:

    I would read both as I love reading Christmas stories anytime. :-) Both covers are wonderful and they both sound enjoyable. I loved the cover Silver Bells the most though.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, lorimeehan said:

    I like both covers but Helenkays is more in the Christmas spirit.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Carriefort29 said:

    I love the first one!! Love that eye candy!

  • On Nov 25, 2012, LaurelS said:

    I like the cover for Silver Bella better but the one for It's not Christmas Wihout You is more Christmasy.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Nicole Noffsinger said:

    I liked them both but Silver Bella may not be as "Christmas" as the other one, but then again not everyone interprets Christmas as being snowy especially if they don't get much in their area so I liked the first one.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Christy said:

    both great covers but Its not Christmas without you speaks more "christmas" to me

  • On Nov 25, 2012, krankimom said:

    The name Bella and the picture of the brunette make me twitch in a bad way. So I vote for the one with the tree. It has more of a holiday spirit anyhow.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Unknown said:

    I actually like both covers, but something about *It's Not Christmas Without You* really claims my attention.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Anonymous said:

    There both nice covers but I prefer Silver Bella a bit more. Dena

  • On Nov 25, 2012, bunnyoftroy said:

    Voted for Lucy's book

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Melissa Keir said:

    I love the Christmas cover. It is a fitting time but also it gives you a feeling of passion without being obvious.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, EllenToo said:

    I'm with those who don't like cropped people on the cover so I like Silver Bella the best.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, hotcha12 said:



  • On Nov 25, 2012, Michelle said: is chellebee66(at)gmail(dot)com

  • On Nov 25, 2012, ladybirdrobi said:

    Covers should have something related to the title of the book and just a pair of legs walking did not convey Christmas without You.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Qwillia Rain said:

    I have to admit I like both covers, but I think Silver Bella actually does a better job of representing the story...


  • On Nov 25, 2012, Anonymous said:

    " It's not Christmas without You " has my vote. It has a cover that looks like a Christmas story and not a steamy novel.

    true_sheila at yahoo dot com

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Michelle said:

    The girl in It's not Christmas...looks bow-legged...very distracting o_O

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Alyson LaBarge said:

    If I am JUST looking at the cover, I like Silver Bella because I can see their faces and the look passing between them...makes it seem more intimate, even than having the arms around the waist. Also, It's Not Christmas Without You looks more generic.

    3girlzmama @

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Karen C said:

    I prefer the cover for It's Not Christmas Without You - it's more descriptive for me.


  • On Nov 25, 2012, Carin said:

    I had to go with Silver Bella it has a man with no shirt hello! ;O) Carin

  • On Nov 25, 2012, soche said:

    I like the second cover too. It looks more Christmasy.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, PhyllisC said:

    I like both and the cover for It's Not Christmas Without You is definitely a Christmas or winter cover, but I like the cover for Silver Bella better.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Shaseli said:

    The It's Not Christmas Without You cover to me didn't match the title. Was it the tree, or a person they couldn't do without ?

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Maureen said:

    I picked It's Not Christmas Without You because it is the holiday season.

    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Gabrielle Lee said:

    Enjoy both covers but the second one makes you think more of Christmas.

  • On Nov 25, 2012, rebecca said:

    Silver Bella just doesn't look like a Christmas story to me--I had to squint to see the wreaths (and didn't, until I read about them in someone else's comments). I just read Dimon's story yesterday (!) and can say that the cover is actually perfect for the story, whereas the other one just looks like another romance novel with a shirtless guy on it. Not that I have anything at all against shirtless guys, mind you, but as nice as they look on the cover, I'd say at least half of the time when you read the book the actual description of the guy without his shirt on doesn't match the picture, which is disappointing....


  • On Nov 25, 2012, ~Ley said:

    I prefer It's Not Christmas Without You. Puts me in the holiday spirit and leaves more to the imagination. :)


  • On Nov 25, 2012, Shadow said:

    Both covers are pretty! But i love Silver Bella! :)


  • On Nov 25, 2012, Jeanne M said:

    I love the cover of It's Not Christmas Without You and that he's dragging the tree but holding on to her! It tells me a lot of the type of man he is and what he puts first in his life!

  • On Nov 25, 2012, Barrie Mac said:

    Tough choice!


  • On Nov 25, 2012, jessica said:

    Both covers are really good but Silver Bella seemed sexier and caught my eye more.

    jessangil at gmail dot com

  • On Nov 24, 2012, Colleen said:

    Silver Bella has my vote... I like the sexy guy more than the snowy look.


  • On Nov 23, 2012, CrystalMirror said:

    The cover Silver Bella cover feels like Christmas. The other cover is a generic romance novel cover, and feels fake.

  • On Nov 23, 2012, bn100 said:

    I like the Silver Bella cover.


  • On Nov 22, 2012, AquarianDancer said:

    I like Silver Bella! The cover for It's Not Christmas Without You could be two friends walking down the street. There isn't really any romance in the image.


  • On Nov 21, 2012, Jo said:

    I chose Silver Bella because it is more appealing to the eye. If I choose a book, a lot of it deals with the cover. It's Not Christmas Without You might be a really great book, but I'd probably not even pick it up to look at if I saw it in a store.


  • On Nov 21, 2012, robertsonreads said:

    I like the Silver Bella cover as it shows the faces of the subjects and the title does remind me of Christmas.

  • On Nov 20, 2012, Eva said:

    Both are Christmas and so very readable, but the Dimon cover IS Christmas!


  • On Nov 20, 2012, Elf2060 said:

    Although the second cover does conjure Christmas, I do like heads on my people!

  • On Nov 20, 2012, rubyswan said:


  • On Nov 19, 2012, Tammie - Night Owl Reviews said:

    Awesome comments and great feedback. I'm loving these Cover War events as they provide great insight into what readers like and see when they look at cover art.

    It's Not Christmas Without You appeals to me on the level that it really screams Christmas and time to get home and warm. But it does look very generic...

  • On Nov 19, 2012, Di said:

    forgot to include sallansd@

  • On Nov 19, 2012, Di said:

    'It's not Christmas without you' is immediatly recognizable as a Christmas story, the title 'Silver Bells' implies Christmas, but you have to look really close to see the wreath on the fence & the naked chest just makes me chilly.

  • On Nov 19, 2012, Susan said:

    I liked Its Not Christmas Without You.


  • On Nov 18, 2012, Traann said:

    Silver Bells would get me to pick up the book and see what it was about. The other cover seems to generic.

  • On Nov 18, 2012, Donna said:

    I like the cover for Silver Bella best. The cover for It's Not Christmas Without You seems to be a repeat. I'm fairly sure I've seen it before on another story

  • On Nov 18, 2012, girlygirlhoosier52 said:

    Another vote for It's Not Christmas Without You... but I'd still read Silver Bella... the 2 wreaths on the fence just aren't quite enough to bring in the holiday feel..

  • On Nov 18, 2012, Christine Mead said:

    I really like both covers, but I think that It's Not Christmas Without You has more of a Christmas look to it. luv2scrap22@

  • On Nov 18, 2012, Betty Hamilton said:

    I prefer It's Not Christmas Without You.

  • On Nov 18, 2012, erin said:

    I like The It's Not Christmas w/ out You cover best :)


  • On Nov 18, 2012, Martha Lawson said:

    Silver Bella is my pick!


  • On Nov 18, 2012, cajungirl said:

    I like both authors,but I also like books with a little bite to them to,so I would read "silver Bella" by Lucy Monroe first !

  • On Nov 18, 2012, taurus said:

    It's Not Christmas Without You has more of the holiday feel than Silver Bella.

    jtcgc at

  • On Nov 17, 2012, Jean MP said:

    I like the Silver Bella cover best, it appeals to my eye more.


  • On Nov 17, 2012, debra taylor said:

    I like the cover for Silver Bella . The cover for It's Not Christmas Without You looks generic to me .


  • On Nov 17, 2012, Karen H in NC said:

    I like the 2nd cover best. It looks more like a Christmas book.


  • On Nov 17, 2012, Grandmareads said:

    I like the cover for Silver Bella best. The cover for It's Not Christmas Without You seems to be incomplete. The way the cut the couple is a distraction.

  • On Nov 17, 2012, CatFire said:

    I will probably read both - Christmas books always seem to draw me. Picture anything that reminds me of Christmas and I will probably read it. The covers are both nice - I really liked the colors, etc on "It's not Christmas Without You" but something just feels a little off to me - not sure what it is.


  • On Nov 17, 2012, Liz S. said:

    I'm not a big fan of covers with chopped torsos. I prefer to see a face on the cover models.