• On May 25, 2017, Tamazon said: Lucky Winner!

    Our lucky winner is: Kassandra V.

  • On May 10, 2017, honeyb said: Thanks NOR

    Thank You for fixing this and for the giveaways

  • On May 06, 2017, Tamazon said: Fixed

    We fixed the address problem this morning. If you entered and were not able to put in your address, no problem. If you win, we will contact you for shipping info :). Thanks for entering and we wish you all luck.

  • On May 06, 2017, honeyb said: Help Us Please :)

    I don't know how people are entering already? There is no where to put our address?

  • On May 04, 2017, SuzReadsBooks said: No place to enter address

    I live in the US but wasn't able to put my address in Rafflecopter. These books look amazing - I would love to win them!

  • On May 04, 2017, kaisquared said: Can't enter

    No place on the Rafflecopter to enter mailing address........ HELP!