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    Fast Life, is about sixteen year old Kyra Jones who is living life on the fast track. With a drug dealer boyfriend, Makai who buys her designer clothes and gives her money. Kyra is enjoying living in the inner -city life in Chicago, until her mother,...

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The Queen's Poisoner The Queen's Poisoner
Tower of Dawn Tower of Dawn

First Year by Rachel E. Carter

Magic. Romance. War. Perfect for fans of Throne of Glass, Falling Kingdoms, and Tamora Pierce.

Before the age of seventeen, the young men and women of Jerar are given a choice --pursue a trade or enroll in a trial year in one of the realm's three war schools to study as a soldier, knight, or mage...

For fifteen-year-old Ryiah, the choice has always been easy. Become a mage and train in Combat, the most prestigious faction of magic.

Yet when she arrives, Ry finds herself competing against friend and foe for one of the exalted apprenticeships. Everyone is rooting for her to fail--first and foremost among them is Prince Darren, the school prodigy who has done nothing but make life miserable since she arrived.

Will Ry survive, or will her dream go down in flames?

*** The first book in The Black Mage series by USA Today bestselling author Rachel E. Carter. ***

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