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  • Short Story: Father Phantom by Cassandra Chandler, Author of Wandering Soul

    Hi Romance Readers! Today we have something pretty special to share. Cassandra Chandler has presented you with a Christmas story titled Father Phantom . You can get the book that started this series at the end of the post. Elsa held Alexis snug against...

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  • T. A. Moorman's Top 5 Things That Make Her Go WTF

    1. The fact that women have a double standard in everything! Especially when it comes to sexuality and parenting. It’s been that way since the beginning of time, and as many strides that have been made throughout history, that seems to be the one...

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  • Bagel In Love Giveaway

    Enter to win a copy of this wonderful children's book! Poor Bagel! He dreams of entering the Cherry Jubilee dance contest . . . but no one wants to be his partner! Can he find a sweet-tart who doesn’t think his steps are half-baked? Bagel loved...

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  • Winners: Winter Wonderland Reader Scavenger Hunt 2017

    This event is now over. Thanks to all of those readers who entered. A winners list is down the page. The holidays are here and presents abound. It's time to get a hunting and find some great books. Plus get entered to win awesome Amazon cards. Join the...

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  • Five Favorites From Raine & Kat by Kathryn Kelly #TopList

    In Inflame, Raine whips up a few dishes and longs to have others. Below, I compare Raine’s favorites to my own. Raine 1. Stewed chicken with gravy & rice 2. Cucumbers 3. Strawberries 4. Hamburger 5. Stew Kat 1. French fries 2. Potato chips 3....

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Complete Abandon by Cheryl Holt

April eBook Sale - $2.99

No bargain as enticing as...

When Emma Fitzgerald storms the manor home of the new Viscount Wakefield, she feels more than justified fury. Having just in...

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