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  • Blaise Ramsay What I Learned After Publishing My First Book

    Let's face it, writing a book is hard. It takes hours of dedication, focus, fatigue and probably many cups of some form of caffeinated drink just to crank out that first draft. But that's just the beginning of your endeavor to produce a full length novel...

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  • 3 Acting Techniques to Create Novels from the Heart by Joe Cosentino

    Author Joe Cosentino joins us today to discuss three acting techniques (emotional recall, sense memory, and improvisation) to write novels of the heart. Readers often say my stories make them laugh, cry, feel romantic, and even sometimes break their hearts....

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  • Paranormal Romance December 2018

    The holidays…people either love them or hate them. I love them. Twinkling lights, the feeling of magic and goodwill in the air…and I love buying presents. Weird, I know, but I love giving gifts to people I care about. I put a lot of time...

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  • 5 Snacks to Keep a Romance Author Writing

    The key components most people think of writer’s using to write a book are usually a laptop (or pen and paper) and a great idea. But once we have those things, we need the next most important factors in churning out great stories—some snacks....

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  • Book Lover Gift Guide 2018

    I love giving gifts and getting ones as well. But it can be hard finding the perfect gift for friends and love ones. I've been cruising the web and looking for inspiration and I thought you would like to see what I've found. Book lovers abound in my family...

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