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  • Pets in (Author's) Space! #pets

    My muse is from outer space, and I am owned by cats. This probably explains why I write space opera, and why cats are in about half my stories. Their latest appearance is in Cats of War , my novella in the upcoming Embrace the Passion: Pets in Space 3...

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  • The Jilted Trilogy + 10 Copy Giveaway

    My new “Jilted Brides” trilogy will be here on Sept 20 th .  Have you read one of my books before?  If not, these will be a great way to fall into my Regency world.  And if you’re a long-time fan, the new books are jam-packed...

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  • A Victorian Flower Album

    A Victorian Flower Album is a wonderful book filled with painted flowers. The collection was created in the summer of 1873 by Henry Terry and dedicated to his children. Click to see a larger version of this image He was a lover of nature and so were they....

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  • Murder He Wrote

    Who doesn’t love Jessica Fletcher and Murder She Wrote?  The popular eighties mystery series, which has reruns on some channel somewhere in the US every thirty minutes, has spawned forty-seven novels, which up until recently were written by...

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  • My Inspiration for Julian Grayson

    Hello Romance Readers, Romance author Samantha Chase is here today to share her book One More Moment . It has a super sweet and light cover. The couple is having so much fun. It's a total HEA moment for them. We asked Samantha what her Inspiration was...

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