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  • Mr. & Mrs., Two Wolf Shifter Doctor's for Christmas

    It's always good to make a great first impression on a she-wolf you might be drawn to. Rescuing a boy from a kidnapper at a crowded, busy mall at Christmastime couldn't have afforded Dr. Aidan Denali a better scenario for showing what a hero he could...

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  • Stories of a Small Town Zoo

    In my romance book  Wild on My Mind , Fluffy is a honey badger on a match-making mission. He’s mischievous and smart, and he wants just two things in life: adventure and honey-covered treats. Fortunately, he has a plan that will give him both....

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  • Writing a Texas Christmas Romance

    Where is it usually? Up here in Montana. Feet of it. One thing about living at near mile high altitude and far enough north to throw a rock across the Canadian border, I hardly ever worry whether there will be enough of the white stuff for Santa to zoom...

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  • A Monkey Shifter, a Witch and Two Phoenix Brothers - Oh My!

    Sometimes a blurb is just too short to give you the ‘meat’ of the book. Here’s the stuff that may answer the question my blurb asks. What do you get when you mix: Two phoenix shifter brothers, one powerful witch, and one…monkey...

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  • 12 of the Best Paranormal Romance Books

    Paranormal romance has been a passion of mine since the early 2000's. Over the years I've read many authors, but this list includes some of those that have stood out from the others. Today I've got 12 paranormal romance books that have endured the test...

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