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  • 8 Books to Read If You Love Kresley Cole | Paranormal Romance

    I fell in love with paranormal romance books many years ago. Since then I've found so many awesome paranormal romance authors. One of my all time favorites is Kresley Cole and her Immortals After Dark series. But books in that series only come out about...

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  • 7 Reasons to Never Throw Away an Unpublished Manuscript

    Unless you’re a new writer or maybe Ernest Hemingway, you most likely have an unsold manuscript tucked away under a bed or stored, untouched, on a flash drive. There can be many reasons why the story still lives only with you. Maybe you wrote yourself...

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  • 5 SWAG Must-Haves for 2019

    Author swag has two purposes: Make an impression NOW, and Make an impression LATER. Most of the time, writers hand out swag at conferences, book clubs, and other in-person events. Face-to-face is great but when the show is over, that swag has to keep...

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  • Where Will My Story Take Me

    My father once asked me whether I thought people choose our own destinies or if we are simply helpless victims of fate.  At the time, for I was still in my late twenties, I answered confidently.  We determine our own fate.  Destiny is a...

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  • Halloween Flash Fiction

    I grew up listening to my Irish grandmother’s stories about the Fae, including her encounter with a Banshee in her family’s cellar when she was a teenager. Of her many stories, this is my favorite, and I love to share it every Halloween. ...

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